Monday September 14th 2020

An old pic of Sammy when he was young and Trials bikes were big and heavy - Sammy did a lot of mods to his GOV132 Ariel 500 - but saw the writing on the wall for the British bikes and went to work for Bultaco in 1964 - and as they say - The Rest is History.
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Saw this pic of a couple of Alberta lads with a Yamaha XT 500 - all the road legal stuff stripped off for racing. - We had one of those back in 1976 - studded it up and let Gord Lalonde race it on the ice.
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Our ride yesterday was great, but very smoky - in fact the whole Valley was pretty much socked in - I was out on the 2021 TRS Gold 280 for the first time and had a new GO PRO mounted on the handlebars - I let Roy & Andrew go ahead on the trails so that I could get some video - not sure how this will turn out - but this is a neat gadget, which is voice activated - I need to get my expert to download the events of the day. -This is a pic I took up on the ridge by Two Chairs - but you could not even see the lake because of the smoke.

The Gold #99 is fantastic, and I felt at home on it straight away - completely stock - and of course the estart is really the only way to go for an old guy like me.- Naturally it has lots of power, but all very controllable and smooth - easier for me to ride than the 300 Xtrack model that I just sold.  Can’t wait to check out my video - and yes we are going out again later in the week.

As most of my buddies know - I’ve been  out on quite the variety of machines lately - and have to say that I love them all - the Beta 125 Evo was my choice for a few weeks, after spending time on the TRS Xtrack 300 - then this was followed by a day out on the fantastic Beta Evo 200. - Amazingly, I didn’t have difficulty adapting to any of the bikes - yes of course the 125 likes to be revved, but it really does have amazing torque and with a 6 speed tranny - will go anywhere the larger capacity models will go - I guess the best way to describe this model is “Fun” - ( I do have a bit of experience racing a YZ 125 back in the day- and I’m quite small in stature)
The TRS Xtrack 300 is in a slightly different class - having the seat and larger tank - it has the advantages of an enduro bike, but is very nimble with the Trials base, and of course once again the e start makes this a winner for many., especially the ladies.
We have been riding and promoting the Beta Evo 200, for many years, and simply put we call this “The Giant Killer” - easy to start and just like the 125 - will climb any hills in 4th gear - absolutely the best all round bike for a lot of people.

Getting on the TRS Gold - I immediately felt comfortable - everything feels “Right” - it is very light and of course I have the optional e start on this bike. - I couldn’t find one thing to criticize on the new toy. - even the choke  lever is easier to get at than the Xtrack model - not that you ever need this until the cold weather hits - the bike fires up first touch of the starter button. - No adjustments were needed, although I did fit my own easy idle adjuster screw, which I swap from bike to bike.


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