Wednesday September 16th 2020

Here is a Yamaha that I never knew existed from 1975 - and I was working for them back then - it’s a Prototype YZ 125 TWIN. They likely used the motor from the very successful 100 twin which sold like Hot Cakes in North America.


A blast from the past - I loved the look of those Six Day bikes - AJS- Matchess- Triumph - to me they still look great. - Never did get to ride one though.
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And an old Francis Barnett - a big name back in the day.
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This just popped up from 4 years ago - We had just started selling TRS bikes.

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Video from the Spanish Hop.


So in GO PRO news - My son in law (an expert in this stuff) stopped by and was I think a bit surprised that I had managed to figure out how to work the one he had bought me for my birthday - ( He could have bought me a bottle of Scotch - but this was way better) -We spent some time   chatting about the all new to me world of the Go Pro- and watched the clips I took on Sunday -  He was really impressed ( as was I) at how  the Handlebar mounted unit coped with the rough terrain -  amazing how I’m getting more toys and enjoyment  at an age when many are in old folks homes - The rather strange thing about our ride - was that it was my first on the Fantastic 2021 TRS Gold Edition. - but I was more intent on getting footage to show later of just where I go to my lovely wife Babsy. -  The Goldie ?? WOW!
This new camera technology - is fantastic for families that sometimes sit at home and wonder where the man of the house really goes on a Sunday.


This is a great shot of Bob Hannah - I met him at a Yamaha show back in the day - he said money can buy anyone. - And I guess it did - but his best years were always on Yamaha.
1978 Superbowl of Motocross at LA Coliseum (TV Show in 1991) Hannah Bell Semics Tripes Honda Yamaha


Not quite so smokey in the Valley this morning - I can see across the Lake from my office window through the haze. Hopefully it will improve move by tomorrow when we are going riding .


Not available until late November - but we still have a couple of  2020’s for sale - save big time by calling us NOW.
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