Tuesday September 22nd 2020

Not sure who this young lady is from Europe - but she obviously did well at the Spanish Trial and wrote some very good advice to anybody new to the sport. !!   We are lucky to see a lot more young ladies getting involved with Trials, all over the World.
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Nice to come home with a first place in my trial 🥇 Improved my line selection & techniques which felt amazing. But most importantly of all I calmed those nerves down. Our thoughts have such a huge influence over our performance in competition and in training or out riding In general. Here were some strategies I used that may help you too👇🏻
Say a mantra before you ride a line. Whatever reminds you of either a technique or even how to relax. Mine was active legs, soft throttle. To remind myself to stay active on the bike, not to tense up & use technique over misuse of power. When we are nervous it’s easy to stop thinking and make an error.
Regulate your HR by slowing down your breathing and focus on deep breathing
Place less importance on the result and more importance on what you’re gaining/learning from the experience
Practice your ability to move on when you feel disappointed in your performance. Become a power house at not ruminating on one negative experience.
Move on quickly. I’ll share the trials event footage soon
UPDATE - Just got word that this lady is from the USA !! ( Thanks to Chris Hrabb for that)  - so not sure which Trial she  was talking about.


Great performance by the British lads & gals in Andorra .

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Video for today >>>

youtube.com 2011 Ihatove Trials Adventure Riding– have you got the skills Mick Andrews and Yasuo Manzawa were special guests, at the NZ Ihatove Trails comps in New Zealand. Nonstop Adventure has a yearly trials competition at 88 va…


And to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Britain - Here is an excellent photograph of a Spitfire and a Hurricane. ( Unfortunately the pic got a bit squished downloading)
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