Thursday September 24th 2020

I took this pic a few years ago, while we were scouting for the WTC National at Revelstoke - Although this would make a great section - because of the rules we now have regarding the environment - we could never use it.
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Flat-trackers, just like Trials riders are a special breed - I think the Bultaco Astro was likely one of the best looking bikes out there -back in the day, and many might even be racing now.
Bultaco Astro

There is another Round of the British Trials Championships coming up - but lots of restrictions and no spectators allowed.
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A great shot of Don Rickman - always very stylish

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It’s almost a year, since Rob Edwards passed away - here is a great shot of him on the Montesa in Scotland - the section could be Edramucky ?
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The CPTA held a trial last Sunday at the Iron Mountain venue, with organizer  Don Doerksen in charge - It appears that things went well with a good turn out and a few newbies in the junior class ( always good to see) - The results will be posted soon on Trials Canada. They had 31 riders.
Note this is only the 2nd event of the year due to the Pandemic.

A reminder that Ross Rathbone is hosting an unofficial Fun weekend at his property near Scotch Creek on the  Thanksgiving long weekend - more on this later.

It was interesting to see how Toni Bou “Bounced back” last weekend in Andorra to beat Adam Raga on day #2 of the Trial.( Which they should be calling a European Championship)  - While you can have two or three riders or competitors in any sport, who are equal in ability - it’s always the one who has “The will to win” that succeeds
The “Mind games” that are played in any sport, are endless, and while some are able to ignore, and cope. - others simply fall apart on the day.


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