Monday September 28th 2020

The 2nd round of the French Trials Championship at La Bresse had to be cancelled, due to the bad weather (rain) and safety concerns.

As a long time organizer  I know how it feels to have to cancel an event midway through a weekend, due to this type of thing, and it’s a very difficult thing to have to do, as there are always some riders, who want to carry on in spite of everything.

Because of the new type of extreme rocky hazards used in modern World type trials, this only adds to the problem, as the risk of injury is far greater.

The organizers of the Scottish Six Day Trial, know only too well the difficult task of setting up a daily 100 mile loop, with 30 sections per day, all possible to scramble through by ordinary club riders, in a test of both ability and stamina.  - And that ( in my opinion) is how Trials should be. But even so, many times the hardworking team need to be up at the crack of dawn to be out on the moors checking for problem areas.
The pic below shows top Beta rider Benoit Bincaz - who was very glad to see day two dropped in France, as he is already injured. - You can just imagine trying to ride sections like this in bad conditions.
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Video for today >>>> Isle of Man TT 1975/76 - Kompletter Film 1974 kaufte ich mir eine Super 8 Filmkamera um meine Kinder im Urlaub zu filmen, da unsere Urlaubsfahrten aber meisten zu Motorradrennen führten, wurden auch…


Sunday we were over the Westside again, doing some exploring with Roy - we found yet another new loop up above the lake & I posted a video from the Go Pro that I have mounted on Goldie! - It was a perfect Fall day with bright sunshine, but cooling off, with a need for one of my neat Wulf Trials jackets.


Later back at home - we were able to help out a couple of customers needing stuff ( I’m guessing we must be one of only a few  Trials dealers willing to open up for this on a Sunday ?


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