Saturday October 10th 2020

This article just got posted on FB - Seems there are still a lot of “Old Codgers” out there enjoying bikes. ATTITUDE TRUMPS AGE: DIRT RIDING AT 80 YEARS OLD! Cross Training Enduro Paul Rodden is now 80 years old and he’s preparing for even more dirt bike adventures with a new bi…

And still some old shops still going today ( Somebody said these guys are still in business- likely not the guys in the pic!)
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This is a pic of Don Vesco welding something on the Yamaha Motor Canada XV920 that Bob Work built for the “Battle of the twins” race series - As with all the bikes Bob tuned - it went like a rocket - I was at Daytona with Bob when Ron Peirce raced it.

Interestingly enough, I also rode one of these a bit back in the day. ( But not on the track) -             I borrowed one of the first ones from Walt and rode it home to Vernon, one weekend. -

I even took one up to Kamloops later to check out a Cross Country race - I tried to get to a check point - but had to quit when I got to a real muddy - muskeg type  spot - - Everything was really quiet out in the backwoods - then I heard the sound of a bike coming - hard on the gas . - pretty quick he was past me ( I was a bit stuck in a muddy rut) - to my surprise the rider turned around and came back - It was Guy Perret - and I will always remember his words “Dave what the F** are you doing out here on that bike? - and with that he was off again to win the race. -

I don’t recall having too tough a  time getting the big 920 out of that place - but I think my Trials experience  might have helped !!

(Bob -with a beard - is standing on the right - next to our friend Brian Rolls who also worked for Yamaha Canada back in day -)


The Final round of the Short World Championship Trials series goes this weekend in Italy - Here is a shot of one of the TRS Team tents  getting set up.


John Banks seen here leading Sylvain Geboers  at a Scramble was one of the very best UK riders never to win a World Championship - He came close finishing 2nd at least once.

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Another old  result from when SWM were in the Trials market -  many years ago I bought a used one cheap to maybe use for the Vintage class - but to be honest I didn’t like it plus the stator fell apart.


South of the border - some riders changing brands - Carl Davies now on Vertigo and Josh Roper (pictured)  will ride TRS.  - Just heard that Wilson Craig has bought a new TRS Gold 300 - Welcome back Wilson.


Here’s a nice pic of Heath with the TR34 Beta he has just restored - looks great & he does an  excellent job. - Just saw that some scumbags tried to break into his garage last night - without success. - Obviously did not know the BIG Rotty sleeps in there!!
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So I will be out the door early today (7am) for the drive to Scotch Creek - I got everything loaded yesterday afternoon - a job I find wears me out these days as old age creeps along. - I also have to go “The long way around” in  order to meet a new Opti customer near Kamloops. - I was going to load my Beta Tent as it’s going to be a wet weekend, but it’s stored underneath a pile of junk and I didn’t have the energy to move it.  - Luckily Ross has lots of outbuildings and I know Gord Rinke will be there with the TRS Tent I gave him. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends for the first time this year. - Watch for some pics posted later tonight.


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