Tuesday October 13th 2020

We hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving weekend - It is always a special time for family gatherings and Yesterday was no exception for us.  Good to be able to see the kids and grand-kids in these troubling times.


Below are the top three  masked men in the shortened Moto Trial GP Class ( As they call it these days)   Tony Bou (Honda) - Adam Raga (TRS)  and Jaimie Busto ( Vertigo)


Back with more from the Shuswap Trial  > This must have been a very scary ride for Steve, as he knows that he hasn’t hit the log quite right which then got him all out of shape in the next couple of pics I took - he had to use all his experience to save it as he went off the end log at full throttle, ( Note: his nice Wulf Trials pants and Outlaw Toolbelt- don’t think we made many in that color so it must pretty old by now)

Here is Judy giving the riders the low down on social distancing in the groups etc.

This is an interesting bike that Shane showed up on - He had to switch the forks and other stuff from his TRS to make the old Mont work for him. -All last minute stuff so he had something to ride for the weekend - And yes he did well on it.


We have posted this pic before - but it shows Arthur Lampkin winning the  Scottish -  the eldest in the Lampkin Family - Arthur was a brilliant “All rounder”  competing in Scrambles and Trials with the best in the World. ( Notice the “Valve lifter lever below his left hand - used for starting the  BSA)


In weather news - today is supposed to be another wet one -with snow up on the hills - but we don’t have a lot planned - unloaded my van yesterday - always a big job for me as I put as much stuff in as I can to take to the Trials events - but then a lot has to be restocked in the shop. We have helped a lot of riders over the years by having the parts they need last minute because they break  something.

More news as it happens >>>

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