Wednesday October 14th 2020

Believe it or not - It’s time to start thinking about Christmas - and for wives and girlfriends - this usually means buying clothing for the Trials guy in their family - I thought of this when I saw Byron decked out in that orange Scorpa gear at the Trial - and he certainly needs a change of clothing for next year, now he is on the TRS - !!! The Wulf stuff which we have been selling since 1995 - is great quality and reasonably priced - although we can  get the TRS gear  which also seems quite popular.

This is Kevin on one of the very tricky and slippery log sections.

And Steve Day on the same section.


Jordi must be very proud of his Team.
No photo description available.


Take a look at this pic of the bikes at a Classic Trial in Europe -

Here is the Vintage scene in Edmonton!!! Walter sent me this pic.


It was interesting to chat to a couple of the riders at Scotch Creek about both “Bike set up” and also “Mind games”  - The fact is that many riders have the riding ability, but just fall apart in a Competition , because they can’t control nerves and get their “Head” right.  - I remember our old friend Ady Brown who commented back in the day that - He had his competition beat before they started by just making some remarks to unsettle them.  - Even at the top level - one bad ride on an early section, can ruin the day for some.

What I have always told anybody that I’ve coached is this - “If you have a bad early “5″ - get that out of your head straight away - forget about it - and plan as if the Trial starts at the next section.

Of course there is no doubt that to become a Champion - you have to be Consistent -  winning one day then finishing down the field the next event will never win you that #1 Plate. - - It’s a fact that many riders do not know how to walk a section and have the right pictures in their head before they go through the “IN” cards. - especially if there are a bunch of spectators or their competition standing watching every move.

An interesting thing happened at the Scotch Creek Trial when Brian McNeal was riding the big log section on day two - when he made the turn to approach the BIG log - he was chatting to brother Pierce who was standing up top to act as minder - He said that he didn’t know how to ride this - in other words what technique to use !!

With Pierce shouting instructions, the result was pretty much a foregone conclusion - good effort but Brian needs more practice on the new bike, and overall did pretty well on both days.
This is why I like to shoot a lot of video - because it shows the rider technique ( Good and Bad) - this is always  a good idea for play back after a training session.

Bottom line is that if you can’t see a picture in your head of yourself  “Cleaning” a section - chances are you won’t do it.

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