Saturday October 17th 2020

Well Today, should have been the running of what many Trials enthusiasts call the Greatest One Day Trial in The World. “The Famous Scott Time and Observation Trial’  held on the Yorkshire moors - it’s a one loop of around 80 miles ( yes miles) and about 70 observed sections.  BUT because of the Pandemic - it’s had to be cancelled this year.

Back in the 1970’s I started running an event of this nature in Alberta - we had a different format in that we allowed competitors to ride “What they Brung”   - It was run on the same rules as the Yorkshire Trial - with riders leaving at one minute intervals, and the Cross Country course was about 50-60 km - but with only 10 sections. - Fastest guy set standard time -other finishers lost one point per minute after this time. - this was then added to the score in the sections to get the overall winner.
My main purpose in organizing this - (as President of the Calgary Club ) - was to try and get more of our club riders to understand more of what the sport was all about - you would not believe how split up our Calgary weekly meetings were at Chestermere Lake - after the main business was over.  MX guys in one corner - Flat-trackers in another & Cross Country racers in another - with the trials guys filling out the final spot - no much “mingling” at all.
I was lucky enough to win this twice - the first time on a TY 250 and the second time on an IT 400 - You can imagine how tough it was riding the IT in sections - maybe I started a trend!!

But the best thing about hosting this event, was it brought the club lads together and they all learned a lot. I think the idea really helped promote the club spirit.

Did you know that a Fantic is leading the 125 class in World Enduro?   - Actually a bunch of Yamaha ’s with the Fantic badge on them.

This report was up on FB.

Dang! Beautiful mate….. beautiful 🤩
Three (3) Fantic XE125 riders are at the Top 5 of the on-going FIM-sanctioned Enduro GP at Day 1
Look at how those core YZ125 cum Fantic XE125 rails in ‘extreme test’ sections…. There are ‘enduro test’, ‘cross test’, and then ‘extreme test’….
Have they been a better platform if they took the YZ125X enduro for a platform instead of the YZ125 motocrosser? I really do not know….😅
Final results for the ATAQ Series in Quebec - Looks like Beta cleaned up !!!
No photo description available.
So with winter weather approaching - Brrrr - it’s time for all Trials riders to either take up another hobby - or maybe  move to the West Coast  -  We sure lucked out   for our one and only event of the year at Ross Rathbone’s place   - Hopefully nobody will show any Covid effects from this,  !!!!!!!!
In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about our annual Remembrance Trial - and will be posting some thoughts on this shortly. Maybe we will just have a get-together at Summerland.
Although we did get a few sunny breaks on Friday - I didn’t get out for a ride and the rain set in pretty steady by mid afternoon.
Your video for today and it’s Canadian  >

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