Monday October 19th 2020

Well it was certainly a quiet weekend -  weather a bit “iffy” and other things happening, so no riding - and  the forecast for all this week is not looking good. even some snow - but at least it’s not going to be like Alberta - We heard from Gord Rinke who says their riding season is all done.

A few people have now had time to check out Emily’s article in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, and have emailed to say they liked it - there are some mistakes in there, which Emily will be posting a correction in next month’s issue. - Because I had no idea she was writing about me - and did not see the original transcript there are a few small errors. - ie: I only looked after the Canadian Yamaha lads at the 1983 ISDE - - My  thumb accident happened in a Cross Country race - not a Trial -( And I did not drive myself to hospital )  I was involved in two separate dealerships - but in the mid 80’s not 1970’s.
Otherwise I think she has painted a pretty accurate account of my crazy life in the sport - I certainly enjoyed taking her out Trials riding, and she did well on both the Beta and TRS bikes..

This pic by Emily has not transferred very well I’m afraid - it’s really sharp in the mag.

This is Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (TRS) winning the British Championship at the weekend - a good result for Steve Saunder’s  TRS Team as Ross Danby also won the T2 Championship.

This was followed on Sunday, by the first TRS Day put on by Steve - Heath was there to take his usual high class pics - this one shows Steve carefully watching one of his customers on a nice Goldie. - I wonder what number that one is?( Mine is #99 out of 150 built)

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