Friday November 13th 2020 ( Unlucky for some)

There are still a lot of people out there that don’t know that the Beta Factory has been around for a very long time - since the early 1900’s first in bicycles then Motorcycles - still family owned. - They have always built a variety of models ( not just Trials bikes) and this is an early example of their 125cc Moto Cross machine.

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Many of our readers will remember seeing my pics of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine gal Emily Roberts, out riding Trials with me - but she can also handle big bikes as well, doing a test of the 1200cc BMW this summer - at only 5ft 4inches - Emily certainly isn’t a big lady, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in the skills department. check this out >> and get a subscription to Motorcycle Mojo Magazine - it’s Canadian and needs our support.
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Here is a rare photo from “D DAY” 1944 - with Dispatch riders arriving on the Beach at Normandy.

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This is Tilly Shilling - A truly remarkable  lady who not only built this bike, and lapped the famous Brooklands Speedway  at 105 mph - but also designed the special anti-stall device that was fitted to the Spitfire.

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A light dusting of snow last night - with more expected today - not my favorite time of the year.


Jordi Tarres has posted some great pics of the new 2021 TRS models - most available with the optional e start - He is certainly not resting on his laurels with updates every year. - As most of our readers know - I took advantage of pre-ordering  a “Gold” Special Edition which was an early shipment - this has the estart and is absolutely fantastic - But I would strongly suggest that anybody planning on buying either a Beta or TRS for 2021 - Get your order in NOW - with this Pandemic, we never know when European Factories might be shut down. ( Note Beta still have a few 2020 Evos left in the warehouse but these are going fast)

Here is a great shot of the new  TRS Engine - and a video>

New TRRS Raga Racing 2021


Christmas is just around the corner and we have a good stock of Wulf riding gear - Helmets-Boots- Gloves etc - plus of course our unbeatable Outlaw Toolbelts and Enduro fender bags. - Why not give us a call as we have been told that all mail & courier deliveries are likely to be slow this year due to the Pandemic.

Check out this article by Beta Trueba - The Spanish Importer for the Beta Brand -

Interview with Marc Trueba


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