Sunday November 15th 2020

Beta wins World Enduro Championship - AGAIN.
As a lot of older readers will recall - our original idea for hosting the “Outlaw” Trial back in 1986 - was for a Two day with a Free first day to ride the loop on their vintage twin shock bikes for a FUN time ( We did give trophies )
This proved to be so popular - that we continued the following year, and now in the year 2020 ( When everything is cancelled) We would have still been hosting this event. - So what does that tell you? -
.Well #1 it’s hugely popular  and while for the most part - our events were held in Summerland - ( The first was at East Kelowna where -believe it or not - we held a couple of National Trials - we also held one at Postil Lake and other spots ) - the reason that I mention this - is that the interest in Vintage bikes appears to have sparked again, particularly in Vancouver, where this real beauty is located. -
Of course in Europe the “Classic” scene is huge  - which may have prompted a few people to spend time and money on the old bikes. - Looking ahead to next year I can say for sure that we will have a traditional Classic Trial the day before the Modern event.  So gentlemen - you have all of the winter to work on your Vintage bikes - but please remember the first thing you need to do is fit New soft 2 ply Tires.
Check out the pic below and the specs !! - ( BTW I do have a 76 TY 175 in my shop in original mint condition) -
Another story on the TY 175 is that when they first arrived in Canada  ( I was working for Yamaha Canada at the time) I got one of the first ones and right away ran into problems, because most of the Alberta Trials were long distance ( still the best)  - and often at high altitude.
The bike would not work at about 6 thousand feet. - Well I listened to all the so called Experts about  carb settings ( Which I tried) but in the end I went my own way - which worked and that was later verified by the Japanese Tech guys. - ( They told me that they fitted a special carb to these bikes for operating in South America. My Japanese boss said he would send me one - but I’m still waiting!!
This was back in 1975, and I was putting on the very first FIM Canadian World Championship, so I couldn’t have a bike that was acting up - I fitted a larger gas tank and jetted the carb to set up the 69 mile course in the Alberta Foothills, and as they say - The rest is History. - Sometimes you just have to go with what feels right!

Suffice to say that Yamaha sold a lot of 175’s after that.
After a few compliments at the local club I thought maybe worthy of a post. Built for competition, not a restoration or museum piece. Tried to maintain stock look as much as possible with a few personal touches.
-Autolube removed
-Lighting coil and lights removed
-DT175 cylinder bored to 68mm, shortened for compression and ports polished
-DT175 head, higher compression
-New Wiseco 68mm piston
-RD350 intake manifold
-RD350 reed cage, enlarged
-Boyesen 2 stage power reeds
-PWK 26mm carb
-Uni pod filter
-225cc boost bottle and 5/8 hose @20cm (based on Yamaha published research)
-TM125 progressive fork springs, shortened (new)
-Tapered Showa steerer bearings
-Lengthened clutch actuating arm
-Betor shocks, nitrogen removed.
-50lb springs
-All new bushings, bearings, cables, seals, tires, grips, condenser (relocated) and coil
-Original tank, seat and fenders.
-S3 Hardrock pegs
Not much on the agenda today - so might just kick back & watch the Golf on the box.

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