Tuesday November 17th 2020

Here is a an old pic by Mike Davies - of a “Scramble” back in the day - these events were often a real mud-fest  as they were often run in the winter months.

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and  here is another one

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We had a Wulf delivery yesterday - and another is on the way - hard to keep some sizes of the new Trials boots on the shelf - I must say I’m very impressed with these and we are getting very good reports from customers. - Christmas is coming and Wulfsport UK, can supply all the very best  gear for Trials - Helmets,shirts,pants - jackets - gloves - We stock lots of this - great quality at a very fair price.
New Wulf Trials boots


This is a shot of a nice Kawasaki at a vintage event in Japan - I remember that John Jones   from Toronto showed up at the 1971 Canadian National Trial that I set up for the Calgary club, with a “Special 175″  which he had made up from an Enduro bike - ( I think he was riding for Manly the Kaw Importer )
John who was another transplanted English rider - was a top dog at the time and with the Japanese Factories all “Eying” the Trials market - this was one of the first attempts that we saw. - unfortunately  we had a big dump of snow the night before the event, so I had to lead everybody around the 30 mile loop through the deep snow, as I was the only one who knew the way.

What a day that was - I was out for the first time on the Blackfoot Motorcycle Montesa, and struggled all day - the bike eventually quit & I had to push it down through five  creek sections to the finish.

Jones took the win that day, with his bike also running very poorly seizing up more than once in the difficult conditions ( and  high altitude)  - I have a video somewhere of that day shot by John Whitby.


And finally for today - a great shot of Steve Oliver’s lad from Australia ( or NZ) - A lot of kids started their career on one of the little TY 80’s.  - This was back in the day when Yamaha were promoting Trials as a family sport -  TY 250 for Dad - TY 175 for Mum and TY 80 for junior. - It was a very good Marketing strategy.


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