Sunday November 22nd 2020

Just in case you didn’t read the blog yesterday - here is an update on our situation in all of BC - that  includes  Outlaw Trialsport. - Also  please phone ahead to make an appointment.
COVID-19 province-wide restrictions

Maybe I should do a reprint of my original business cards from 1987 !!!!

Image may contain: text that says 'OUTLAW'

We now have a sign up in the carport >>>


With not much happening these days - it’s a good time to catch up on videos Final Round of the 2020 British Championships Motorbike riding and sidecar crashing with Toby Martyn

And another old one from when I started riding!! I seem to recall doing a bit of that !!!

Trial Off Road La Nucia


So I wonder how many people saw the brilliant video of young Dan Hemmingway, practicing in Spain, on the Beta Factory 125 -  The 125 class is very popular in Europe as younger riders are restricted to this size engine.  - We loved riding both the Beta and TRS 125’s - but while we promoted these - and many top riders tried them with glowing reports - The fact is that in North America, the small capacity bikes do not sell well, and therefore we will only be bringing these in to special orders in future. - In other words if you want ANY particular model - Best to Pre-order  in these uncertain times, with possible Factory closures and cut- backs.

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