Monday November 23rd 2020

We often get people asking about Trials Training and if we can help - and while it’s true I did quite a lot of this in the 70’s - in later years we have just helped new riders on a “One on one” basis showing basic techniques.  -

One of the main things that I stress these days, is clutch control, which is a “Must” on the modern bikes.  Also - new riders need to practice one thing at a time - start “Slowly”  - forget about those big rock steps until later. - ( After you master the “Double blip” - and tight turn etc )
>We recently attended a school put on by Sam King  at Scotch Creek, and  I was impressed with how well he was able to explain things.  Although most of Sam’s schools planned for 2020 had to be cancelled because of the Pandemic - We are hoping this will change for 2021.

The most common mistake that we hear about from  newbies - is that the first thing they want to learn is “How to Wheelie” - when in fact this should be well down the list .  - We have had more than one so called expert MX/Enduro rider get into trouble trying this on a Trials bike in our yard.

One of the bestTrials teachers is Ryan Young from the States  - A few years ago I helped Jacek Jablonski when he arranged for Ryan to  come up to Western Canada to put on a School first in Red Deer ( see video) then another one in Summerland.  - Ryan covers all aspects of the sport with a program that caters to all abilities.
We had Motorcycle Mojo gal Emily Roberts out for some Trials Training a few weeks ago - and while she is a very good rider, and also taught riding schools in Ontario. - Trials bikes are so different with the power to weight ratio being exceptional, so going over backwards when trying to pull a wheelie happens often to new riders. - This pic shows Emily on our Beta 200 in perfect control - finger on the clutch, and also a finger covering the front brake plus ready to tap the back brake  to bring the front end down, if things go haywire.
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We have a bunch of Training videos on VHS - which of course few people use anymore - Mick Andrews, Steve Colley etc etc.

In the meantime check out these two which I found posted on U tube.

Ryan Young Trials School Red Deer AB 2017 YouTube Stationary Jap Zap · Moto Trials Technique · Jochen Fleschutz Trainer Jochen Fleschutz (RGA Kempten) demonstrates the Stationary Jap Zap in comparison to the Jap Zap at the Trial Day at TuS Fürstenfeldbruck. October 3rd…

and another one Tim Coleman : TRIALS VS ENDURO feat Lachy Andrews Watch as Tim Coleman & Lachy Andrews battle it out on an epic landscape to determine which is the better bike… Filmed & Edited by Full Moto Films SUBSCRIBE…


Another comment we often hear is “Trials is growing isn’t it? - Well Of course this is not true especially at the World level - check this out - The sport at World level has become such a “Circus” that some top riders have recently  called in quits. - Remember the glorious years when thousands of Trials bikes were sold Worldwide? - that was when the bikes had seats and were perhaps more “Normal”

The largest growth area for Trials bike sales, is to riders with enduro bikes, who want a cheap trials bike to learn to ride like Graeme Jarvis.  Good luck.


We see a lot of posts on the internet and of course on the TV, by people who do not  believe in  taking this Pandemic seriously. -.

I was reminded about a poem written by a World War Two Spitfire pilot- his name was Richard Hilary and I have his book called “The Last Enemy” - he wrote it while in hospital recovering from terrible burns after being shot down. - He was later killed in action.
“We grow cold, and we grow callous.

’til death stalks into our home,

with some deed that doth appal us,

then the deeper feelings come.”


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