Tuesday November 24th 2020

Last week, I mentioned that things were starting to get busy with regard to shipping out any parts or accessories before Christmas - Well Monday I was in a line-up with about 15 other people trying to mail off a small box to Penticton, so with this in mind PLEASE  don’t leave stuff until the last minute.


This is a shot I took of Murray Nutt many years ago at Blackfoot Park  in Calgary - It was the Western Canadian National Trial, and while there were some hot dogs from the Coast entered - Murray took the win.( Surprised a lot of people)
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With the short World Trials series now over - and with riders like James Dabill retiring - we go into the “Silly Season” - this is when Factory Contracts get renewed, and rumors circulate - the latest is that the mighty KTM money giant are trying to buy Adam Raga !! - I for one will be very surprised if this happens - Jaimie Busto has been bouncing all over the place, so who knows where he will end up - As they say at the Circus “Bring in the Clowns”


Weather in the Valley is still looking good this week, which is great, because we have some Opti Snowmobile oil to sort out & deliver.


The small Family owned Beta Factory have had an amazing year with their Enduro bikes - winning in Europe and now also in Japan.

On a side note - did you know that KTM once tried to buy Beta?  but were turned down by the Bianchi  family. -  Could the recent buy out of Gas Gas and spending lots of money in every aspect of motorcycle sport, be just   more about the Austrian Factory trying to take over the Motorcycle World ? and will it all fall apart as History has proved for other German conquests?

( Many people are unaware that KTM were in receivership about 20 years ago, but were bailed out by the German Banks)
I remember Bob Hannah saying to me back in 1975 “Money will buy anyone”  - and it did for him, when he was lured away from Yamaha  - Brand loyalty certainly is rare at the top end of the scale.
Beta se estrena como campeona en Japón gracias al título de Tadashi Kugimura


And finally - Here is another video for “The Silly Season”  ( sent by old friend Chris Wilson from High River AB)

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