Monday January 4th 2021

We will begin this first week of the New Year, with a superb photo of Martin Lampkin at the Scottish  - this pic was included as a poster in Trial Mag:  and we have it up in our shop. - There is no doubt that Mart, was one of the best Trials riders in the World and in fact the very first World Champion in 1975 ( The year we hosted the first Canadian FIM World Championship)  We first met Martin in 1972 at the Scottish, and later became friends when Dougie was  up and coming in 1994 - A very humble man, Mart did so much to promote the sport and it was a sad day, when we lost him to Cancer.
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Although the year of 2020, will go down as a disaster both for the health system Worldwide, and for most sporting activities.

On a personal note, we did manage to get out on our bikes quite a few times, but always kept to strict social distancing etc. -At the start of the year we had a couple of rides at Bear - with Chris on his new Xtrack plus Andrew, Olivier and Jeremy - that was also my first time out on the new estart Xtrack 300 -

We recorded some good days out riding at Summerland, with the local lads, plus a day out on the loop with Beta Boss Steve Howland.
We were over on the Westside quite a lot riding with Roy and were joined by Motorcycle Mojo Gal- Emily Roberts  a couple of times and also Caroline Stevensen came out from Lethbridge - We kept our Social Distancing of course.
With all WEC/WTC events cancelled, it has been a year, when we have seen little of our Trial friends - yes we managed to help out with bikes and parts plus accessories still got shipped out, and we have kept in touch with our Trials group via  emails and messenger.

Plus of course, we have continued to post our daily blog, which is still very popular.

Obviously at this point everybody is wondering what the next few months will hold - and sorry to say that although we have been discussing the future of Trials Competition  in Canada for 2021 - - we have no good news at the moment - yes there is a glimmer of hope, and we will share any updates as they transpire. -

I see that the VMC have posted their 2021 Calendar, which lists some Trials dates.  Only time will tell if and what will happen.

However, one thing for sure ” We will all be riding at some point”

We urge our customers and friends to stay strong and keep the faith.


Check out this old shot of the Hotel in New Denver - This area was booming around the turn of the Century with lots of mining.  It’s still a very nice place to visit if you like riding in the High Mountains, where a lot of the old mine sites are still visible.
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The Pinhard Trophy is awarded every year to for the best overall performance by a young Trials rider in the UK - many of the top lads have won it, but this time it’s a young lady who has taken the Trophy -                      Alicia Robinson ( Beta) comes from a well known Trials background and richly deserves this award

2020 Pinhard Trophy Winner – Alicia Robinson


It got up to plus 5 in Vernon yesterday - and a lot of the snow has melted -  so it was time to get the horse out of the barn for a trot around the yard>

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Big Hockey Game this afternoon - Canada versus Russia. starts at 3pm.


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