Wednesday January 6th 2021

ACU pull plug early on events

The Auto-Cycle Union have pulled all permits and thus cancelled all their events in England and Wales, the Isle of Man and Channel Islands are unaffected but can only be run with caution.

In a statement issued by their Trials and Enduro Department on social media page on Tuesday 5th January, 2021 they stated the following:

Coronavirus (Covid-19): PM Boris Johnson announces new national lockdown in England –

Boris Johnson has announced that England is to enter its third national lockdown, which means the government is instructing everyone to “stay at home”. The national lockdown is immediate, as of today 5th January and the Prime Minister also said in a televised address last night, the “weeks ahead will be the hardest yet”.

The announcement comes as government figures on 4th January revealed the UK has reached another record daily high of 58,784 new coronavirus cases, making it the seventh consecutive day in a row where there have been over 50,000 new Covid cases across Britain.

So, for motorcycle sport it is quite simple. Any planned ACU event in the next few weeks in England and Wales is now unfortunately cancelled.

Below is a pic of two great Trials riders - Mick on the left and Bernie on the right - I got to know Mick quite well when I worked for Yamaha, but never really met Bernie - However I do remember at the Trophy Presentation of the World Round in Alberta ( I think it was 1980) -  Although I was not involved with the set up of the Trial, we arranged for Yamaha Canada to sponsor it, so I was asked to say a few words. - I had just thanked all the European riders for making the trip to Canada etc - when I heard a voice from the back say “What about the Americans?”  - Yes it was Bernie Schreiber.
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“Road Racing” was called that from the early days of the Century, was called that, because that is what it was - “Racing on closed Public Roads”   - Later, special circuits were built, which were much safer, but some of the traditional races, still prevail, and yes they are now perhaps more dangerous than ever, with many fatalities  at events such as the TT races in the Isle of Man, - the Irish road racers have long excelled at this form of competition - names like Joey Dunlop are immortal.  - The pic below shows just how close to the limit the riders push. - inches perhaps between life and death.  ( No details who took this) - Glad to say that I rode around the complete TT course ( all 37.5 miles) back in 1957 - on the day they called Mad Sunday - when the public could ride around at whatever speed they wanted on regular street bikes. - I think they stopped this in later years as too many “would be” racers were killing themselves.

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Anybody recognize this MX rider working on his bike back in the day? - Proud to say that I was once on the same start line with him back in 1976 - does anybody know where?


The best way to start the New Year - with the January Edition of the UK Trial Mag: - Tough times for this and other business in the UK and other places, so we wish them well, and suggest all our readers to buy a subscription.  - Also to Motorcycle Mojo  These Magazines need your support. in order to survive.
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Just had a quick look through the Trial Mag - and I’m truly amazed that John Hulme could pack so much fantastic stuff into this edition, considering the difficult times, lots of really neat pics from old ( And might I add normal) trials events

Your Video for today >>>   TRIALS EXPRESS


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And in case nobody noticed - Canada lost last night in the Hockey.


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