Thursday January 7th 2021

Some neat stuff courtesy of Trial Mag UK - I’ve left it in large format to make it easier to read. I rode one National Trial in the UK back in 1958 when Sammy was on the Ariel  - Back then I could usually finish in the awards at normal Trials, but this was really tough, and both myself and my brother, were both knackered by the time we finished. - By this time Sam had already collected his trophy and left for home.

Interestingly I Imported a lot of Trials stuff from Sammy when I came to Canada - but unfortunately never did meet him ( I did see him racing in the Isle of Man in 1957 - he was brilliant as are most Irish road racers)No description available.


TRS did very well in 2020 - Winning the FIM Manufacturers Award - Not bad for a small Spanish Factory - but that’s what makes Trials different from other Motorcycle Sport - it’s all about dedication and passion while working on a small budget.  - The Steve Saunders   TRS Team also did well in the short UK Trials Championship, with riders Iwan Roberts ( Yes he’s Welsh)  and Ross  Danby. Taking the overall wins.
No description available.


Memories  from 6 years ago !!!  Glad to say we don’t have that much this year - YET.!!!!

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The answer to yesterday’s quiz - was Jeff Smith World MX Champion and all round fantastic Motorcyclists - he excelled in Trials and ISDT competition, and when the British Motorcycle  Industry died - Jeff went to work for Can Am in Canada - He came out West in 1976 to ride Moose Mountain in Alberta, and I was lucky enough to be on the line with him and another 173 riders for  the Two day 100 mile per day Cross Country Race. -

We started in the river valley at Waiparous   - and not being much of a racer, I was yakking to somebody at the start - when the gun went off - - Talk about panic - got the IT 400 started and headed out after the pack - we had to go through a couple of ditches - to my surprise - I found myself following Smitty - but while everybody was heading for a goat trail to the top of the big hill overlooking the River, - JV was headed straight for the almost vertical hill in front - I remember thinking - if he can go up that on a 250 Ca Am - I can do it on my new Yamaha Canada IT 400 - On the way up the hill we had to dodge a falling rider on a YZ 400 - not sure who it was. - But arriving at the top, and likely passing about 50 riders  - the course took a right turn and we were in a dust bowl - I had forgotten to put my goggles down - so this wasn’t much fun - I remember being in the air with the sound of bikes around me - but I couldn’t see a thing.  - And that was the last I saw of Jeff Smith - until the Trophy Presentation on the Sunday  - Jeff showed up at the Campground complete with collar & tie - It was super Hot that day in Alberta - everybody else  - including winner Danny Amor were in Tank tops & shorts.

( For the record Danny won it - JV was 2nd and I finished 6th overall - 3rd open bike ( Yes the blue Whale)

Note:  Two people guessed correctly  - John Kitchener from Nelson and Harlow Rankin from Nanaimo


Sad news from the UK - Brian (Badger) Goss died - he was one of the great ” Scramblers”   back in the day riding a variety of machines, including the British Cotton. ( Pic shows him on a Greeves)
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