Sunday January 10th 2021

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that the majority of Trials bikes are never used in competition, but as Trail-bikes - to explore the Countryside. - Here is a great shot of a young lady doing just that on her TRS in Italy -  Just look at that neat terrain. –

I’m not sure what seat she has on the bike as this doesn’t appear to be the Xtrack model - We did sell a few Jitsie seats, which worked great on all the brands, but we haven’t been able to get any for a while.


David Knight from the Isle of Man- is racing in the Dakar this year - Most people will remember him for his Hard Enduro exploits - but like so many - David started off in Trials and I recently watched him on a VHS video with Steve Colley teaching some advanced techniques. ( We have a ton of these old VHS tapes) Knighter 101 combats Day 5 at the Dakar Rally (Full Highlights) | Episode 005 David ‘Knighter’ Knight took to the desert for Day 5 of the Dakar Rally on 5th January, and we caught the best of the action.Thanks to fellow sponsors Classi…

And Sammy is at it again - fixing up a bunch of old bikes he bought in the “Off” season

Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

and check out this one > Trials 94 British Review: The Jack Wood Trial Trials 94 British Review: The Jack Wood Trial 1994Commentary by WoodyA Bennett Video ProductionLike us on Facebook:


Another pic posted by Steve Troupe - this is Trevor Howarth  a very good Expert rider from back a few years - I see he now gets out riding on a Beta Evo.
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Jamie McGregor has posted pics of some old Trials posters from the Ontario region, back in day - I remember when I sometimes used to hand draw some these for our Alberta Trials, and of course all the results were written out by hand.  - Note that they had a Trail-bike class ! - We tried this back in the day at our Kelowna events, but it never did do anything to attract more riders to the Trials scene.


It was just posted that Ex World Champion Motor Cross legend - Joel Robert is in hospital, and in a coma. after suffering a heart attack plus Covid 19. - He is 77 years old.

And this pic is one I took of Mick at the 1992 Pre 65 Scottish with his James. He said I could take it around the parking lot if I wanted, but I declined - He did tell me it had a few Yam bits in it - ie Fork springs and reed valve etc.
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Updates on the 2021 TRS  ( Just minor stuff)

☢️ THE NEW TRRS 2021!!️
- Electrical installation with temperature sensor. ′′ Precision and reliability of the refrigeration system “.
- New CDI with temperature sensor reading.
- New filter box deflector. Reduces dirt storage on the filter and improves internal air flow.
- Improved filter box drainage in case of water entry.
- Bielletta and leverage trapeze reinforced.
- Lighten engine support. Quicker and faster mounting and significantly reduces vibration.
- New plastic silencer finale, more robust and with an additional fixing screw in the top.
- Support for the forged and sturdy front sileziator.
- Protection of the most resistant front brake disc and FIM.
- Frame: engine attachment modifications. Improve editing and decrease tensions.
- Modified Chain Guide Fixing.
- Silicone water pipe between head and curved radiator to avoid interference with the fan.
- Red Anodized Circles.
- New handlebar with new livery.
- Gray swingarm.
- New graphic line
Friday I went to Kelowna to deliver Opti - and decided to drive back via the Westside road as it was quite mild - I checked out  our old riding area at Bear Creek and took a pic as it is absolutely bare - no snow until you get high up on the ridge. - However that is not the case when you get to Valley of the Sun, where I stopped off to see Roy. - He is still having a lot of trouble with his eyes and will be having more Lazer  treatment next week - hopefully he will be improved by the time the snow thaws so we can go riding.
And for our French readers !!  Yes I had one of those White Yamaha caps back in the day - not sure what ever happened to it.
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Brett  Clark sent in the only correct answer to our last quiz  - The riders in the picture are
Tarres - Colley –Colomer — Kuroyama — Lampkin — Avahla — Jarvis — Bilbao .

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