Wednesday January 13th 2021

Well we are midway, through January, and so far our winter in the Valley has been very mild , and not a lot of snow - not that it’s over by any means, but at least the warmer conditions help give people a bit of a “Lift” in these strange times both with the Health and Political climate  ->


Looking back at some of the old Photographs from the early years,  it sometimes makes me wonder what some engineers  were thinking when they designed some bikes .  - Obviously function is of the utmost importance, but appearance is very high on the list, when it comes to buying any product. - Take this Prototype AJS for example - I don’t think that exhaust system should have made it out of the barn. ( Looks more like a Bazooka)
It’s funny that during my Yamaha Years, I would sometimes be shown new model designs planned for a few years, down the road - and yes they had some great and very innovative ideas. - However, at the end of any such session - I would usually say - ” Don’t paint it Brown or Green - and price it to sell”   - Sad to say a lot of these models with great potential  never topped the sales charts, simply because the factory painted the bike the wrong color. -

Another REALLY important aspect of any Dirt bike design, is ease of access to work on - I think all designers should spend some time in the Service department, - over the years,  I have said a few choice words about some parts being almost impossible to get at, without dismantling the machine.  - ( I won’t bore you with these stories, but believe me this sort of thing does effect sales - especially to the knowledgeable  rider.)
Marketing any motorcycle product, is always about having the “Right bike - at the right time - at the right price” ( And with the right parts back up from the dealer)

Classic Dirt Bikes


A rare watercooled Bultaco Road racer.
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That old saying “Shit happens”  would be a good caption for this pic - but a reminder that this can also happen on a Trials bike if (1) you don’t check the spokes and Sprocket bolts and (2) like to practice “Splats, into rock walls.
Note:  All the latest Trials bikes use the same rear wheel and we rarely hear about any issues, but like everything else - regular maintenance is required to avoid issues.
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This is a great video of the young Hemmingway brothers out of Yorkshire. Best of Trial Bike 2020 | The Hemingway Brothers: George and Harry We are big fans of Dan and Ben Hemingway so we start to see Dan kids growing up. George and Harry amazed us with their Trial Bike Skills since they had 3-4 y…


Below is a link showing the various mods used on the World Factory bikes last year. Check them out.[0]=AT0VPGb9GR3t5gliQx4RM1XhIOAy7hhWLvKMdvFLEwyeklLRND4T_BDhhUDVIj8PWxUgNB3zPjLoQ8ekJhVhGiXWJiN7jOemERO40JPC7TOxiC0CAX2Bp8eoiQWqdkey9T7gvQFOgNyZrPFcYkGCoAvrqDcQozVnpqJPoLGO1LShpjXDWAavQzD-4Pv8vmrX1tLP3hIWmMn_Fc0CZYGbadU


And another great film from the past. >> Note - This was likely filmed in the South of England, where lots of sections were in sand pits -  and while some may laugh - remember those big 4 strokes were heavy and tires were all 4 ply Dunlop back then - It’s interesting that we see lots of riders losing points on these types of sections even now, on the modern bikes. - The point being that you don’t need big rock walls when plotting a Trial. - Perhaps a good example of this was or last event at Ross Rathbone’s property - Yes he had to hand build a lot, but everybody had fun without getting hurt - and that is what Trials is all about. Trial and Error - 1958 film on Motorcycle Observed Trials A short instructional film pointing out some common faults in the organization and observation of motor-cycle trials and suggesting how these may be overcome…


The new Wulf Trials boots are the only ones I can remember that have felt comfortable first time out  - and I’ve worn lots in my time - I simply gave them a coat of Dubbin - before the first ride. - Ive had mine now for about six months and they still look like new. - We have all sizes in stock  and they now come with an extra  ankle strap - and thicker leather in this area, -  only $295.00.  ( We ship all over Canada)
New Wulf Trials boots


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