Wednesday June 23rd 2021

An old photo that just popped up - taken at a place called “The Sandpit” near Oswestry - the local club used it for Scrambles, and that is a happy group including myself on the far left.
May be an image of 6 people

Quiz for today - who is this Trials rider ?  - Only John Kitchener and Harlow Rankin, correctly guessed the quiz yesterday . ( Agostini - Hailwood - Read - Ivy.)
May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


A lovely old AJS Trials bike -but too big and heavy for me back in the day.
May be an image of motorcycle


So today is supposed to be THE day , when we get some TRS bikes - but the way things have gone this year, I’m not holding my breath. - We are still getting calls from would be buyers, looking for both new and used Trials bikes, including other dealers.


Another “Cooker” in the Valley today - so keeping out of the sun is a “Must” -

We have noticed that our email system is acting up again, so if you have sent us something and not had a reply - try messaging us or phone (250) 545-6139. - We are still waiting for some Beta parts which take longer that our TRS stuff, which we always get  next day, - ironic that we get Wulf gear in 4 days from the UK everytime.


Looking ahead to Revvy!!!! and memories of some sections that we have had there.

No photo description available.

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