Thursday June 24th 2021

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Well  !! -  we finally got a couple of TRS bikes in yesterday  - still waiting for more - but at least a couple of people will get to ride this weekend ( if they like the heat)

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I saw this pic on Face book with the caption Jim lees-Baker - still riding at 84 years old  in the  UK - However it goes on to say that he has now sadly passed away. -( I notice he is also wearing Wulf pants & boots) - So there you go, lots of us old guys still out there enjoying our bikes.
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There were three people who guessed the quiz yesterday,  the picture was of course  of Sammy Miller on a Bultaco  road racer -Harlow -Stan and John Kitchener. - But did you know that Barry Sheene also started his racing career on a Bultaco, sponsored by Bill Webster.


It was nice to get some rain late last night after another scorching day  - something very nice about the smell of the rain coming in through the screen door. - Hopefully, there was no lightning to start forest fires with everything being like tinder.


It’s coming up 7am and I’m waiting for Florian to arrive to pick up this beauty - things are never going to be the same in Revvy!!

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video >>> Stix and Stones Qualifier Saturday’s qualifier racer for Stix and Stones. Was super fast and sketch with the shale, loose rocks everywhere. Battled some crazy arm pump since I was fee…

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