Friday June 25th 2021

Would you say that Florian looks happy with his new TRS Xtrack? - expression would I think be “Over the Moon” - You can look for much more Trials activity at Revelstoke in the future as Flo and Chris Hrabb build the sport also with Emily helping out and FULL of enthusiasm. The TRS Xtrack model is “Two bikes in one” and can be converted to stripped down Trials trim for competition.
They already have some great new plans, with a new Trials logo and a loop that will be Trials  orientated. At a time when our sport is very much in the doldrums, it’s nice to see these spikes of enthusiasm. AND this is a great area.  Many of our readers will recall that we held  two great WTC National Trials at Revvy.
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And about two hours later Amy came to pick up her Xtrack - Matt and Amy run the Bear Creek trail system, they are Australian and super excited about the Xtrack as a perfect bike for the ladies who want to ride. Yes we will be trying to get down there at some point -I mentioned that I rode all that area a lot back in the 1980’s and in fact hosted the very first Kelowna Club Trial starting just off the  Bear Lake Main. -    It should also be noted that both the TRS bikes that went out on Thursday went with a care package of Opti Oil plus a free  Spark arrestor, all part of what we do to help promote the sport, and keep the woods safe.
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And this is Amy 5 mins after she got back to Bear Creek - she did a 20km loop and messaged us to say that she absolutely, loves the bike.

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A Golden Oldie !!  - Stan in Scotland watching Mart checking his bike in.
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The very hot weather is hard on everybody and because of this, I was out working on the TRS shipment at 5 am yesterday - it was a long hard day, but I did manage to  grab a power nap in the afternoon.


Today we have to pick up an Opti shipment  and likely ship off more parts, I’m also fitting in work on the 2003 Sherco that we bought from Barry last week  ( gonna be sweet)


Forgot to mention that my Messenger is working - but  just can’t send any outgoing emails. Shaw were no help when I called yesterday - one of those dumb phone messages passing you from place to place until you get so mad you hang up. Will give Paul a shout today maybe he can solve the problem. - At least my blog is still up and running.

As an old guy I find a lot of this latest hi-tech stuff a real pain.
Finally - Birthday greetings go out to Shane Bridden - we wish him all the best and hope he gets to enjoy a “Cool one” later.

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