Saturday June 26th 2021

As it’s been a bit of a TRS week - thought I would post this pic of Jordi & his team ready for the Spanish  Championship event this weekend.
May be an image of 4 people, including Jordi Tarres, motorcycle and outdoors

And did you know that former World Trials Champ Eddie Lejuene now rides a TRS painted up in special trim to match the small bike that he is training his son on.

May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle and outdoors


Weather continues to be a real “Cooker”  making it tough for people working outside - and of course this old guy was struggling a bit yesterday with an Opti shipment and other stuff to do.


Sorry to  say that we are having no luck with our ‘SEND”   emails - we get the received stuff, so if you want a quick reply - post us your phone number or message us ( that’s working)


I see there is a round of the British Trials Championship this weekend in Devon, - also saw that Alexz Wigg will not be there as he has covid. - shame as he won the T2 class at round #1.


video selection >> VIDEO | Trial Indoor Madrid 2003, primer mundial de Adam Raga VIDEO | Trial Indoor Madrid 2003, primer mundial de Adam Raga, junto a Marc Colomer, Dougie Lampkin o Graham Jarvis


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