Sunday June 27th 2021

A very good sign which should be posted when dealing with any Government bodies  regarding land use.
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Brad Bullock ( Beta) topped the Trial 2 class at the British Championship  on day one in Devon.

Here is the Podium from the main class at the British Round on Saturday - TRS on the top of the box. No Official results posted yet. But Heath was there, so we can look forward to lots of pics in the coming days.
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Nice T shirt posted on FB - not sure where you can get one.
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Below is a shot of me on a 200 Beta at Summerland some 10 years ago - this section could still take  points from a lot of riders, because they don’t practice cambers!!
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And in Italy Saturday it was once again Team Beta on top at the World Enduro Championship Brad Freeman 1st - Steve Holcombe 2nd.
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I saw somebody had posted  these specs on FB and while they pertain to the TRS brand - they are a good guide for other manufacturers.

Swinging arm-Chassis 40-50
Upper shock absorber fastener 40-50
Lower shock absorber fastener 40-50
Front wheel axle 40-50
Connecting rods 40-50
Handlebar 25-30
Front mudguard bridge 7-10
Muffler 10-15
Rear wheel axle 40-50
Front brake calliper fasteners 25-30
Exhaust pipe fasteners 10-15
Engine fasteners 30-35
Rear brake master cylinder fasteners 7-10
Spark plug 11
Ignition fasteners 7-8
Clutch fasteners 20-25
Cylinder stud fasteners 25
Reed valve fasteners 7-8
Clutch spring fasteners 3-4
Sump fasteners 7-8
Water pump cover fastener 7-8
Clutch cover fasteners 7-8
Flywheel fasteners 40
Ignition cover 7-8
Sump drain plug 12
Starter pedal bolt 12-13
Tornillo del pedal de cambio 7-8
Gear change pedal bolt 12-13
Saw this and could not resist posting - a “Gaggle” of “Spits”
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The pic is from 1928 and shows Jeff Munro after completing a “Round Australia” motorcycle trip - now that must have been really something back then on the old British bike.  - In more modern times Walt Healy did a similar trip ( not quite as long) with his Yamaha Sidecar outfit.  We shipped a special load of Opti oil over for him.
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And Finally the last word today is “SIZZLING” -

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