Wednesday June 30th 2021

As you can see by the pic - it’s the old DOT Motorcycle Factory in the UK - A very popular brand in the 1950’s - But can anyone remember what the   letters DOT stand for??  I’m sure John Kitchener will know.
May be an image of brick wall and outdoors


How about this for a neat section used in the UK - Northern Classic Trial ??  That would be tough on a modern bike.
No photo description available.


It was so  warm on Tuesday that I needed a  glove on to unlock my shop - the padlock and bolt were burning hot.


How about this wonderful pic of the supercharged 1925 AJS V 4 - way ahead of it’s time and a design that is reputed to have been copied by Honda in later years.
May be an image of motorcycle


So how is everybody holding up in this crazy weather?  I had a bike arrive yesterday afternoon when the temperature was +44 - not good for unloading. - I will be in the shop around 5am today to PDI before it gets unbearable.


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