Tuesday October 5th 2021

Seems Face Book had a World wide issue yesterday which resulted in a lot of people  being cut off  ( including us)   - This may also have been the reason some people could not see  of the pics on our blog.

Anyway quite a few got the answer to our quiz - which was fairly easy - Jeff Smith and Roger De Coster .

How about this one??
Name all three riders relaxing at a Moto Cross event.
May be an image of 2 people and people standing

And who is this smiling Trials rider - not usually seen on a Bultaco and an old one as well with the radial head.
May be an image of 2 people


Looks like the new Sherco Distributor in the USA either has a large Trials Team, or has given away a lot of T Shirts!! - Ryon Young of course did a wonderful job for the Brand Down South and we also sold a lot through our Importer from 1999 - 2011 . - Good bikes, but we elected not to sign up with the new Distributor - a wise decision as it turned out as the brand has gone through two or three since then, with parts a bit difficult to get.
We will have  Pete Brown’s 2003 Sherco  290 ( Cleaned up)  on display at the Brown Memorial Trial this Sunday -

No description available.

Please note that we will not be there on Saturday, so if you need something for your bike or body - best get in touch - Also if you need directions to Magna Bay - shoot us an email.

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Pat Smage took the 2021 number one Trials plate Stateside one more time.

Who ever thought that the gals did not ride Motorcycles in the old days. take a look at this pic - wartime dispatch riders.
The Flying Wrens: All-female British dispatch riders of WWII


Video selection for today >
youtube.com Scott Motorcycle Trials Aka Scott Reliability Trials (1919) Item title reads: “Yorkshire - 80 Motor Cycles - compete in “Scott” Reliability trails over extremely difficult course”Yorkshire.WS. Two riders attempting to…






41 years ago World Class  MX rider Malcolm Davies , was killed while competing in a national Trial.  - He was very successful riding Bultaco machines.
May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and outdoors


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