Wednesday October 6th 2021

This old pic of me just popped up on FB - it was taken in 1971 by John Whitby and I was riding one of the many creek sections that we had back then in our long distance Trials.  - I think I might have won that event. ( Note the high front fender as we always went through a lot of muskeg in Alberta)
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Nobody came up with the correct answer to the two quiz pics we posted yesterday - in the first one - it’s Gerrit Wolsink -Barry Sheene and Roger De Coster. - The Trials rider with the big smile is Mick Andrews.


I hope many of you took the time to check out the video selection from yesterday - The Jitsie one of Dougie and young Alfie is brilliant, and the one from the Trial in the South of England shows just what type of mud sections they usually ride. - Lots of others on U Tube - including a great Jitsie one of the 2019 Scottish - Dougie did not win that one, it was James Dabill who overturned his bad luck from the previous year and took the top spot on the podium, for Beta.


Video for today >> Leven Valley Classic 2 Day Trial 21 Day 1 Day 1 of the Leven Valley 2 Day Classic Trial 2021Featuring Steve Colley as Guest Rider


More Wulf stuff arrived yesterday, and we noticed the costs have gone up - especially on shipping, so we will need to pass these increases on. - Not sure how these changing times will effect the 2022 Beta models that are due in at the end of the month.

You only have to visit the grocery store to realize how prices have   gone through the roof - plus gas in BC is expected to be up by 10cents a ltre today.  - I went into town last night and filled up the van at $1.43. - but one station was already posting $1.57.

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