Thursday October 7th 2021

Quiz for today - name these three riders ?? and which one rode in the Scottish Six Days Trial?


Another road race pic - this one sent us by Roger Boothroyd showing Ben Hircock Snr on his Manx Norton at Westwood BC  - Roger says he thinks Ben Junior still has this bike.

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Here we see a young guy out on his Beta Jr model in the Noble Canyon area,  pic sent us by the local VOMC club. ( Thanks Blake)
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And a blast from the past - Who can name this  great Alberta rider>

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Nothing to do with Motorcycles - or maybe?  remember the  Queen   rode motorcycles during the war, while serving in the ATS - no matter what some say, in my opinion she is still wonderful.
May be an image of one or more people and people standing


As we are fast approaching our 2nd and last Trial event in the area for 2021, a special thanks go out to the people who made these events happen in very dark times - Florian and Chris in Revvy - did a super job in trying to put on the ultimate long distance Trial - Marty and Emily helped out as well  -

To put on a Trial of any merit - requires not only a lot of thought, but a lot of effort - knowing the area, knowing what you expect for an entry, are two of the most important aspects. - PLUS you need to know what each class is capable of. -

For example an expert organizer might think a simple for him rock climb may be easy for a junior - but sometimes this ONE section - can turn off a newbie for life>>>  This is True.

As we look forward to the weekend at Scotch Creek, I have to say that Ross Rathbone ( helped by Martin Lucas)  - picked up very well on what I consider to be the bench marks for events they followed my lead on how I consider things should be done -  - To continue to do this year after year needs not only enthusiasm, but the support of the wives and girl friends. -

They continue to get my appreciation. - I think it’s  a Family affair.
We see lots of videos on  how to learn Trials techniques, but I have yet to see one explaining how to set up a Trial AND continue to do it year after year !!  - In my opinion, it takes years of experience. - You don’t set up a successful Trial  by going to your local parking lot on a Saturday afternoon with one roll of Blue and one roll of red tape.  - NOBODY HAS EVER SET UP A PERFECT TRIAL - NOBODY !!!! -

For the record - it took me one year to set up the first ever 1975 FIM Canadian World Trial - and I could only guess at how good these riders were !! - I was just a reasonable Club rider coming from the  UK.

Yesterday we had Katy over to look at bikes and chat about Trials, so we might get another local gal involved  - we already have Britta and Dominique - but we need more to follow the footsteps of Canadian and World Trials Super star Christy Williams - Emily will soon be competing on the Outlaw Sherco - so we can only only hope that this will  inspire more gals to “Have a go” - Here is Emily trying out the Outlaw Beta.

Update for anybody planning on attending the Trial at Scotch Creek -  Saturday is  the Thanksgiving Trial   followed by the Ross Traditional feast  ( Note Some health priorities may be in force)

Sunday is the Brown Memorial Trial and while I will make a short intro - here is a bit of the History -

Adrian Brown came to Canada in the 1980’s - I met him at the very first Outlaw Trial we hosted in 1986 - we later became good friends - rode a lot of stuff - shared a a lot of stories - Adrian was on a visit back to the  UK when they found he had cancer. - I can still remember the phone call. - But typical Adrian, big strong lad - he fought it all the way, riding trials in spite of his handicap. - We lost Adrian when he was just 51 years old but his local club still hold an event to honor his name as we do in Canada - He might be the only Trials rider to have a memorial event in two different parts of the world. - We will have the English Trophy on display
Thinking ahead - Pete Brown was of course another of my great friends - Pete helped me set up lots of Outlaw events and shared a ton of memories from the past.

Pete would struggle to ride some of the stuff that I wanted to check out in Summerland - especially when he was on the Sherco 4T which I tried my best to  not sell him. - jeez I spent more time trying to start that pig after Pete had upended it - It’s no wonder setting up a Trial took so long.  -  - Fortunately  I  managed to get Pete into a Beta which while always an issue for him to start - was at least a step in the right direction. - Looking back I have to say that Pete never ever  questioned my logic  on trying different routes through the Mountains - yes we struggled at times, but in the end always had a laugh.

- We would often stop on the side of a hillside - overlooking a Valley and chat about our life experiences. - some funny  - some sad . Yes I miss all my friends - lost this past year - Bernie Blomer ( my brother in law)  Peter Kratzer - Al Perret - Bob Work. - Art Gavel, and others - It’s very sad when you not only lose your friends, but because of the Covid restrictions   you can’t show and share your sorrow. but I will always remember them.

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