Friday October 8th 2021

This Sunday we remember  two  friends who passed away from Cancer - Adrian and Pete -  below is a pic I took of Pete while we were out at Summerland in 2010 - checking for new sections to include in the Outlaw Trial. - Scroll back to read more on these great guys, who we lost too soon.
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Birthday greeting go out today to Steve Day - I took this shot of Steve making a perfect  pivot turn off the wall at the Super Stars a few years ago.
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This nice photo is of a place where I spent a lot of time in my younger years, mainly through Motorcycle Trials, but it’s also World Famous for the Musical Festival held each year..  - the name is Llangollen  - pronounced in Welsh - Thlan -gothlin !! Try and get your tongue around that one!! - The river is the River Dee.
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The answer to the quiz from yesterday - the three Road racers are John Cooper ( called Moon eyes) Mike Hailwood and Derick Minter  - only Hailwood competed in the Scottish Six Day Trial one year.

The pic of the Trials rider is of our old buddy Murray Nutt on his Ossa  - a few people correctly guessed that - but only Harlow got the Road Race one ( after two guesses!)


We mentioned some time ago, the difficulties everybody is having getting  stuff from Europe - We got our first taste of how this has effected costs, when we received our latest Wulf order this week - shipping cost up big -time!! Therefore we will need to increase  prices on some of our accessories - we can only hope that bike prices will not  be affected for next year.


A pic of Sammy Miller with the Honda Trials bike he helped design - In his book - Sammy tells the story of  his first visit to the factory to test the new Prototype - after a quick ride on the new model, Sammy told the Japanese that the steering angle need changing. - OK they said - come back in 3 months !! - This was not good enough for Sammy, who proceeded to strip the bike - cut the top frame and re-weld to his specs!!! - Of course Sammy had a ton of experience having worked for the Ariel factory, and producing the classic Trials model on which he had so much success. - - As it turned out - Sammy and his British Team had great results, with the new Honda long stroke models - but he did not see - “eye to eye” with the Japanese, and they eventually fired him. - If you ever get a chance - read his book on this subject - we have it in our file.

We owned a couple of the 250’s at one time, for use in our Vintage series, ( I won the Outlaw Classic B on one back in 2002) but like so many of our bikes they got sold to make room for other models.  - Sammy now age 87, still amazes people, working every day in his wonderful museum, restoring old bikes from junk to classics.  and yes he still rides most days in the back yard.

Back in 1958, I rode in the National Lomax Cup Trial in Wales, which Sammy won on his Ariel - I finished, along with my brother, but was well down in the results.
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