Wednesday October 13th 2021

Here you see a brand new TRS Xtrack 300 complete with estart  -  All set up ready for  some customer - we were really lucky to snag this one . ( Of course it’s hiding our immaculate TY 175 which ONE DAY - I might finish rebuilding)
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And here you see our TRS Xtrack 300 demo converted to Trials Trim - I just wanted to see how long it would take - and although I didn’t time it, as the clock in my shop quit a long time ago - I figure it only took about 1/2 hour, obviously being very careful - with my only hiccup not emptying the gas tank before I started. so that took a little time. - but overall, I was super impressed at how quickly this went together - everything you need to make the switch is supplied. - So there you have it - “Two bikes in one”
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Kevin Smith sent me this link - which is interesting, but definitely  a Yankee slant on it - Of course Stevie raced for Yamaha Canada and the World Championship he won was a victory for Canada, although Steve lived just across the line in Bellingham Washington - the story I got when I worked for Yamaha, was that Yamaha USA didn’t want Stevie - they were promoting Kenny Roberts - another very nice  guy by the way, whom Bob Work introduced me to at a Show in LA. - Bob had a great knack for spotting young talented racers,  and he was a genius when it came to tuning Road Race bikes. - Bob was as I recall also dating Stevie’s sister at the time, so it became a “Family affair” - ironically this was also the slogan used by Yamaha Canada back in 1975.

Everything they say about Stevie being a very genuine and nice guy I can vouch for as I got to know him - but it’s amazing when you think how Stevie pitched in to work on the bikes, and I remember another great guy, Peter Kratzer  (RIP)  the sales manager at Yamaha Canada - who told me that  he was in the Richmond Office late one night and wandering through into the race shop, to find Steve busy working on one of his bikes trying to get the ultimate performance out of the Yamaha 250, by building up the swirl pattern in the crankcases.

Those were the days when Bo and Stevie would head out in the old  Yamaha Dodge  van at midnight - headed for Daytona etc -  You look back at these times and think - the Japanese never paid these guys enough. - But knowing Bo and Stevie - they would likely have done it for free!!!!

For myself, being a small part of those wonderful times at Yamaha, will always bring a smile - and meeting Stevie  and Bob once again  at the 2019 Hall of Fame was perhaps the icing on the cake.( and again sadly the last time I saw Bo)

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Below you see a pic of Aussie Road Racer, Tom Phillis - I saw him race at the TT in the Isle of Man in 1961 - We  -( Babsy and myself)  were watching at Hillberry - a corner that riders take at around 100mph - missing the earth banks by inches - I remember that Tom got into real tank slapper as he exited the corner but held onto it - that was the year he also had a great result  in the Senior ( if I’m correct) - riding a very special Norton Dominator twin with the push rod valves. - Sadly that was also the year that Ralf Renson from Liverpool got killed - He used to ride in our Winter Trials. - Tom Phillis died racing at a later date but I can’t remember the details.


Yesterday we had a visit from long time buddy Pete Bustin and his two lads - on route back to Ymir after a weekend with Pete’s Dad up in Valemount. -  - I had picked up one of his bikes from Stan - so everything  kind of worked out - always good to see Pete as we go back a long way, and his lads are a real credit to him and Zoie.

Although we spent quite some time in the shop ( There is quite a lot to look at)  we also chatted a bit about fishing which used to be a passion of mine, but once the bikes took over it became a thing of the past.

( Damn - I should have got a picture!!!!)

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