Sunday October 10th 2021

Isn’t it amazing how quickly things change ?  one minute we were sweltering in +40 degree Temperatures  and facing the possibility of evacuation due to all the Forest Fires burning in the Valley - then next the furnace is kicking in - snow up on the pass and putting in Opti Snowmobile orders !!!

Hopefully the rain and cooler temperatures didn’t spoil the Trial at Ross’ place yesterday - I guess I will find out when I head up that way today.

Here is a pic of the van loaded up ready for the early 6 am start!!  - some will no doubt say “What the???”   as we only have Pete’s old Sherco loaded. No Beta- No TRS - and yes we would normally have at least three bikes crammed in the back - BUT -  I  have to do Stan a favor and pick up a bike from the Trial AND I try to take as many spare parts and accessories as possible, and to be brutally honest  loading all this stuff is for me  now getting to be a real pain as I get old and doddery, especially at this time of the year.

Answer to the quiz yesterday  Section is “Edramucky” - no longer used in the Scottish Six Days -  but John Kitchener remembered it !!


Check out this video - The guy is pretty funny and does do a fair job. Trial Tube - The Brutally HONEST BETA EVO 2022 300 Review + Whats in my bag? Welcome back to another Trials bike review here at the channel!We have been looking forward to getting out hands on the 2022 Beta Evo after the 2021 bike was…

Note:  You might recall that I picked the 2021 Evo SS 300 model as one of my all time favorite demo  bikes - Smooooooth.  So much so that I’m in no hurry to replace it with a 2022.
Obviously he picked up on one of the main complaints ( which we have echoed for at least 8 years) the rear fender. - But while I think this guy does a good job - and is obviously a good rider - I did notice a couple of hiccups ( at least for me)  using wire for the grips might be great - but having the ends tear your gloves is not good. Also in his Vertigo oil change segment WTF - has he not heard of a funnel!!!

As with all tests either on tape or in the press - the people doing them need to be  careful when being critical - advertising dollars and other things need to be considered, so it’s rare to have any “Tester” tell the whole truth - you need to “read between the lines”


Beta take #1 in the US of A
May be an image of 5 people, motorcycle and outdoors


Results from Day #1 at Scotch Creek . - Thanks to Taff for these. ( Note ! Beta riders took 4 out of five classes)

Special awards at the Ross Thanksgiving Trial

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