Thursday October 14th 2021

With colder temperatures and snow up on the pass, it’s hard to believe that only weeks ago, we were faced with evacuation, because of Wild fires !! with super hot weather, and no rain for months.
In the coming weeks we will try to show just what has happened on the Westside of Lake Okanagan   - I will  try to bring you pictures  of the devastation and loss for many.  -  - We can only feel for the people who lost their homes, but also wonder about just how and what the Government will do to help?


Looking ahead - we have the famous  Scott Trial  - this Saturday.

Jitsie will be streaming live coverage of the most demanding one-day trial on Earth, the epic Scott Trial on Saturday 16 October.
Over 70 miles and 70 sections of the toughest terrain face the 190 riders. After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, an incredible line-up of former winners including six-times winner Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo) and his great friend and rival, four-time victor, James Dabill (Beta) will be pushing hard for the win. Former British trials champion Jack Price (Vertigo) makes a welcome return to the sport, and will be hoping his recent enduro experience will help him to win his first Scott.
Former British trials star, Steve ‘Woody’ Hole will be our guest presenter for the day — making good use of his experience to deliver the best insight into this spectacular event on the internet, we will bring you updates throughout the day as the Jitsie team follows the riders on this most testing of trials.
Devised in 1914 by Alfred Angus Scott, it is a time and observation trial, conventional trials rules apply in the sections but the fastest rider to finish sets the ‘standard’ time and will only incur penalty marks on observation. Riders finishing after the standard time receive one mark for every two minutes over up to a cut-off point of usually two and a half hours over the standard time, after which they will be disqualified.
With over 70 miles and 70+ sections to complete, the Scott is widely considered the toughest one-day trial in the world. Deep rocky streams punish both rider and machine. Mechanical failures are not uncommon, though less common than retirements through exhaustion.
The Scott Trial is as popular as it ever was, with the 200-rider limit often filled within days of the entry opening. For many trials riders, simply finishing the Scott is a rite of passage, a real badge of honour


The US were likely the last country to pick up on English Trials - Jerry Young ( Father of Ryan) was one of the guys who spearheaded this - and Jerry is still competing,  -
Jerry Young: America's First Observed Trials Champion


We posted a whole bunch of pics on FB of the Scotch Creek Brown Memorial Trial  - but they never seem to stay up long, so I will add a few more to blog as the weeks go by.

#1 is Colten Morrison on the Beta 4T ( which says he likes)

Next we have Russ from Scotch Creek - he is a big guy who always seems to enjoy himself - Ross looks on.

Below we see the two Pospisil lads from Edmonton - both are on older Outlaw Betas.


Results from the Quebec  club. - Beta did well as did TRS riders.
No photo description available.


Check this out >>> In conversation: Brad Freeman The final round of the 2021 Borilli FIM EnduroGP World Championship is going to be a big weekend for Britain’s Brad Freeman (Beta). Leader of the EnduroGP and Enduro3 World Championship, Brad knows that he is one step away from putting the finishing touches to a superb season. We caught up with Br…


As you know we are trying to encourage more ladies to give Trials a “Go” - but the fair sex has long been riding bikes - check this out >> not sure about the footwear ??
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and outdoors


Today is Jeff Smith’s birthday -  I think he is  87 - we saw him “Scrambling” back in the UK when he was a BSA Factory rider,  he went on to become a World Champion, but was also a very good Trials rider. - In later years he moved to Canada and the USA to help design the Can Am, which he raced at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country in Alberta. - I followed him up the first huge Hill climb off the start, which only a few attempted - when we got to the top in a cloud of dust, I lost sight of him until the Trophy presentations the next day !!!  I recall it being quite warm and  the winner - Danny Amor, - plus most people were dressed in shorts. - Jeff showed up in a collar & Tie - the perfect English gentleman - he finished 2nd.

This is his book - one I don’t have in my collection.
May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'JEFF SMITH OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY TRIALS MASTER, MOTOCROSS MAESTRO IAN BERRY 30'

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