Sunday January 16th 2022

Wow ! the change in the weather in our Valley is sure appreciated ! - Yesterday I was out in the shop putting the finishing touches to my 2021 Evo 300 SS which is now up for sale. - As our regular readers will recall, I picked this bike as my favorite for 2021 - ( And I do try all the models we sell)  - The main reason is because it’s so smooth and with the new bikes going up this year due to big time freight increases   - we don’t expect this bike to be available too long - it has less than 20 hours on it mainly due to the Forest Fires - so is a real bargain for somebody. ( Most folk who buy my demo models will attest to how they rate) - This bike has no scratches and is fitted with Boyeson reeds plus a spark arrestor. -  It also comes with a supply of Opti Oil ( as do all our bikes)  Call us if you are interested - but be quick - because you won’t find a better used Beta anywhere.


You know, Motorcycle sport has such a variety of aspects, it’s no wonder that it’s so popular - unlike other sports, there are a wide variety of events   to choose from - Of course our focus for this blog is mainly Trials, - but there are so many others - Ice racing is one and popular to the hardy on the frozen lakes in Canada.

Back in 1976 while working for Yamaha - I spent time stripping a new XT 500 to use on the ice - ( another one of my “Great” ideas) - First thing  to remove was the huge exhaust system. which must have weighed a ton - but other than than all we did was stud up the tires and take it out to Chestermere Lake - where the Calgary club had a clubhouse. - - The XT certainly got some attention, and I did enjoy doing a few laps with feet up cornering !! but I never was one for the cold, and decided to put Gord Lalonde on the bike, for the upcoming races. - Gord was a real master at this type of racing, but while the 4T got great traction, it was no match for the 400cc Two strokes of that era.  - Good memories but sadly no Photographs. ( This was just posted on FB- think it is a shot from the famous “Numb bum race in Northern Alberta)
No photo description available.


The answer to the Saturday quiz - Dave Bickers on a BSA Bantam ( rare pic)  - no correct answer!!
Here is another shot of Dave with his Dad filling up the Greeves - hope they remembered to put some oil in!! - I recall that the James we had back in the day, had a long metal tube attached to the filler cap, and you filled this with oil then dumped it into the gas tank !! very primitive - you then shook the bike to mix it!!!  ( I wonder how many of our readers remember doing that?)

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another great shot of Bickers on a Matchless - as they say - “When men were men” - Thanks to Deryk Wylde for these old pics.
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