Monday March 21st 2022

Billy Bolt does it again and wins the Championship for the second time - But kudus to Jonny Walker who finished 2nd on the Private Beta.
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Everybody knows that there is nothing like that first ride on a brand new bike - it never ceases to thrill, no matter how old you are. - Of course when we try bikes for the first time, we are  watching for  things that could be improved or are below par.  - Well I can tell you that the new 2022 TRS One 250 with the estart - is perfect. - not just for an old guy - but likely 40% of the riders.

Yes it is quite quick off the throttle, so I might fit a slow unit, but on this first ride of the year ( after a 4 month break)  - I could not find fault .  I was in 3rd-4th most of the time- - We went on a long ride on old trails which sometimes were still snowbound - but generally perfect for that first ride of the year. - I think a good indicator of how you like a bike, is when you ride longer that normal - you just don’t want to quit. -  Suffice to say that I was tired when I got home and enjoyed my soak in the tub.
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We met this nice couple while out - we enjoyed a chat and they supplied  us with a granola bar - as I had forgotten mine - I should add that I also forgot to put a memory card in the Go Pro - so that great footage never happened.!! Damn. - Roy did well today, although I think I took him a lot farther than he would normally go.

The bottom line is that I would likely have found the new Beta Evo just as much fun, but those bikes have seen little change since 2009 - still brilliant, but the new TRS with estart - is certainly a game-changer.

The first round of the British Trials Championship took place yesterday at Hook Woods, with Team TRS and Team Beta taking all the top spots - Toby Martyn (TRS) was the top Champ - Sam Conner (Beta) Expert. - George Hemmingway (Beta) 125 class. - Special mention should go to Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) who grabbed 3rd spot in the 125 class - Full results can be seen on the ACU site.  - All pics are courtesy of Heath Brindley.

Below - Toby Martyn (TRS) the only rider to clean this all three loops.
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Young Jamie Galloway on the TRS 125 in the mud section
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Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (TRS) 2nd Expert.
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