Tuesday March 22nd 2022

It was good to see that the organizers put in some “Normal” sections at the British Championship round - Here is winner Toby Martyn in one of the Creeks. ( Pic by Heath)
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Great pic of three stars of the future - Danny Galloway (TRS) - George Hemmingway (Beta) and Alfie Lampkin (Vertigo) -      ( Alfie is growing like a weed)
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Brad Bullock had   a fantastic day to take the win in the Experts class.
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Meanwhile at Ioco BC - It was the TRS Trial , and it was Jordi’s bikes that  stole the show, with Alex Walton taking the new 2022 bike to a narrow victory over Sean Bird.( Scorpa) - Kirk McDowall (TRS) finished 3rd. - While his Dad Ted McDowall  - won the Senior class  also on a TRS. -Bob Clark led a TRS sweep of the Sportsman class - These are the only results we know of !! -
Isn’t it interesting that due to modern Electronics, we can post results from events in Europe before  anything in Canada - then again to quote somebody else in the media game “Old News is just that - Old News”
UPDATE Thanks to Don Doerksen we now have the complete results and can forward them to people interested via email.


Did anybody click onto the video clips of the USA Plonkers Trial on U.Tube ?  - Looked like  various piles of rocks in the desert with really long sections marked out with card gates. -  Reminded me of why we had sections taped in the first place -  back in the day - if you didn’t use continuous tape  - riders would go out of bounds to make a  big turn and a better shot at an obstacle. - sort of defeated the whole idea. - Of course that is why we always liked the Gully type sections often used in English Trials.  The bottom line is “Long sections are difficult to check”  and checkers are hard to come by these days.

Looking through old files & came across this from back quite a few years - I was being interviewed  on CHBC  to talk about Trials and the upcoming Outlaw Trial at Summerland - Can’t remember the sports casters name Pat Saget? !! - he was a great guy who liked bikes - I took Barry’s Fantic into the studio for the the clip. - Pat later came out to the Trial with a photographer so we got a bit of TV exposure. Note! - Harlow will recognize that bike.
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