Wednesday March 23rd 2022

Spring is Sprung

Quiz - This is a pic from the very first Outlaw Trial that we held - questions are (1) What year (2) Location (3) NAME THE RIDERS !!! ( all looking pretty young then ) - I still remember hauling all that stuff up the Mountain (hint) plus zipping up early in the morning- with some beers to stock “The Pub”
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The latest info regarding the FIM World Trials Championship, is that for 2022 all the events will be held in Europe ( So not really a World Championship) - There is not even a round in the UK.


Yesterday I had a busy morning what with Opti Deliveries to Kelowna and other stuff, so in the late afternoon, I clicked onto the British Championship video from last weekend on UTube. - As I mentioned in the previous report showing pictures - there were some muddy sections, which got worse as the day went on. - Some great footage of Emma Bristow, who was lucky to have an early number - but the Top experts really had their work cut out. - rocks became slick and the mud holes deep. - I have to say that I thought this was a very well laid out Trial - at Hook Woods - obviously aimed for the spectators, but it wasn’t all about hop & bop.  - Check it out if you get a chance.

UPDATE - I just saw this and more comments on FB. I guess the bottom line is you can’t please everyone - that is why I say “Nobody” has ever set up a “Perfect Trial”

Alan Robert Stay

Sorry to hear about your misfortune, but it was bound to happen with those type of sections, infact I can’t believe no one has said anything before. I know a lot of work goes into putting on A trial like that, but I don’t see why they needed to have so many impossible sections that were going to damage both bikes and riders. Concrete at dangerous angles and bottomless mud is not good for new bikes. And if you had a run of bad rides there were no easier sections were riders could regain confidence. The ACU always promises one thing and does


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