Thursday March 24th 2022

Answer to the Wednesday quiz - Graeme Manning,   Paul Grundy,    Outlaw Dave,    Kevin Couves - Brian ( from Kamloops) Brett Clark, Bob Clark -  the place was East Kelowna and the year was 1993. - Brett thinks the pic was taken by Steve Fracy. as his helmet is on the handlebar of my Sherpa T.  - Only Brett & Bob got in with the correct info.

The pic below of  the program from our 1971 Western Canadian Championship Trial, shows winner John Jones riding a Scottish section - But does anybody know the name of this??? ( no longer used)
No description available.

We always put out printed programs back then - I think this was the first  ever Western Canadian Championship held - and of course once again the Alberta weather turned against us, with about two feet of snow in the Campground on the morning of the Trial. - With riders from all over Canada and the Western USA - the show had to go on - so I led the way over the mountains around Bragg Creek as I was the only one who knew the way!! - all the tape and arrows were covered in snow. - Needless to say I was definitely not happy. - The day ended with me pushing my  dead Blackfoot Montesa through the last five sections when it decided it didn’t like the weather either. ( but at least we finished)  - Ah! yes - memories of the glorious 70’s.

2022 ISDE Team Canada
The Canadian Motorcycle Association is proud to announce the Canadian Teams for the 2022 FIM International Six Days of Enduro. The ISDE will take place from August 29th to September 3rd, in Le Puy en Velay, France. Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Teams!
World Trophy Team
· Philippe Chaine
· Tyler Medaglia
· Jared Stock
· Kade Tinkler-Walker
Women’s Trophy Team
· Marie-Claude Boudreau
· Kristen Broderick
· Shelby Turner
Team Manager
· Lee Fryberger
Yamaha have  had this E bike for a few years now - some news of this in the UK press. - As most people know, we have absolutely no interest in Electric - except as a starter motor. But as Walt used to say “Whatever turns you on” - or in this case “Plugs you in”
May be an image of motorcycle
Today would have been Steve McQueen’s birthday - another star who died too young - often called King of Cool - McQueen endeared  himself to Motorcycle fans, when he appeared ( and sponsored) the movie “On Any Sunday” - Likely the best Motorcycle movie ever made, and one that “Hooked” a whole new generation into two wheeled sport.
Steve is seen here with the thinly disguised Triumph used in “The Great Escape”
And finally ! - All you Cannucks can ask me ( or Taff) how you pronounce this !!
May be an image of text that says 'Hiraeth n. (Welsh) A spiritual longing ging for a home which maybe never was. A nostalgia for a place to which we cannot return. An echo of lost places in our soul. It is in the wind, the rain. the rocks and the sea. It is everywhere; it is nowhere.'

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