Friday March 25th 2022

Answer to the Thursday quiz -Edramucky in Scotland - no longer used in the Scottish Six Days. - and no correct answers!!
Below a great pic of Sammy catching flies with his mouth wide open style ( remember to breathe!!) but who is the spectator with the umbrella??
No description available.


Yes it’s Friday - and with Spring officially here, the phones are ringing - As I have mentioned numerous times over the past few months - new 2022 bikes ( either enduro or Trials) are getting snapped up fast, and are in very  short supply - I’m afraid that some people who have not confirmed their order of either Beta or TRS models, will likely be out of luck. - This is not a time for  sitting on the fence. -


I was at the landfill yesterday dumping off a bunch of wooden crate bottoms - and as these are quite heavy - it reminded me of a conversation I had with Ben Watanabe  - President ( and best one ever) of Yamaha Motor Canada. - Ben traveled with me  numerous times, and one day, we were chatting about the huge cost of freight !! ( imagine what he would think now) - anyway, he said that “Everything” was considered when it came to cost saving at the factory -when I first visited the Factory in 1976 - I noticed all the workers  were wearing yellow Yamaha caps  with “C7″ printed on the front, in large letters - when I asked about this - I was told by our guide, that this was to remind ALL the workers that the goal for 1976, was to cut production costs, by 7%   -  Ben mentioned that - they saved a huge amount, just by cutting a 1/4 inch of wood from the base of the crate. - We might see the European factories  taking a closer look at this sort of thing in the future.


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The Victoria Club will host their first Trial of the year this Sunday after the long Covid shut down - unfortunately the high cost of gas and everything else, will mean that many  riders will stay close to home. - Luckily we have numerous places to ride in the Okanagan Valley and the Shuswap, but please remember that when the sun come out, so do the CO’s and you need both registration and insurance for riding on Crown land - they will also be checking for spark arrestors - ( We can supply for Beta and TRS)

Over in Europe the second round of the so called Xtrial Championship will be happening in Spain, and I think that the new Honda hot shot kid Marcelli will be in this as a wild card.

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