Tuesday March 29th 2022

We saw this posted of what the caption said is the new 2022 Beta Evo Factory bike.
No description available.

A rare pic of the great Jeff Smith with his first BSA Goldstar
No description available.


How do you summarize a motorcycling career spanning 8 decades, more than 1400 competition wins in multiple disciplines and numerous immeasurable engineering contributions to motorcycle development? Whilst doing it justice?
Well, the short answer is, you probably can’t!
That said, due to popular demand, here we are with a video that tries to do just that.
This documentary-style feature focuses on Sam’s lifelong journey in motorcycle trials. Starting with the bike he built at 17, to his famously fruitful associations with Ariel and Bultaco, right up to his time as a development engineer with Honda and Hiro engines, where he impacted the worldwide trials market forever.
We hope you enjoy!
The book, Sammy Miller: Motorcycle Legend can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1859837638…
There is perhaps only one person who can identify the second rider in this pic - it was taken at the 1975 ISDT in the Isle of Man.  - the caption even misspelled his name.
No description available.
We have heard that Sorrento Trials guy Chris Briggs is moving to New Brunswick - we wish them good luck and safe travels.
Spring riding is here, but don’t forget to take along a few spare tools just in case!! - All of these plus a drink bottle can be safely carried in one of our hand-made Outlaw Tool belts - known word wide for  quality. - Note! Bottle holder not shown in this pic.
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