Friday April 1st 2022

Spring is sprung and you can see the date, so be prepared for practical jokes !!! ( But not here)

So with the Scottish Six days now only 4 weeks down the road - we just saw that the electric bike company EM will have a team entered - almost in the same announcement came the news that replacement batteries for these bikes, cost $3800.00 in the USA ( last I heard they hadn’t planted any “Current trees” out on Rannoch Moor. !!.)

As it’s April 1st - who knows the name of this pipe smoking AJS rider? (  Get googling Brett) And what was the brand of his Tobacco ( OK I know I’m being a bit silly)
No description available.


The Norton story or saga!!

 Image source, PA Media

Image caption,

Stuart Garner appeared to have successfully revived the Norton brand, but it went into administration

A former millionaire who illegally invested £11m of people’s pensions into his motorcycle business has been given a suspended sentence.

Stuart Garner brought the iconic Norton motorcycle brand back to the UK after buying the rights in 2008.

His business was given millions of pounds by the government and endorsed by MPs.

But hundreds of people have lost money after investing in three pension schemes where Garner was trustee.

He breached pensions regulations by investing all of their money into his business, when he should not have used more than 5%.


Looking back at the Motorcycle Industry over the past few decades, we have seen lots of changes - the demise of the once world ruling British bikes  -being replaced by Japanese and European brands was perhaps hard to swallow for many enthusiasts in England. - The truth is that British engineering is still very much a leader, however, when trade unions and politics get involved the end result was never going to  be good for the regular club rider.

After spending much of my life in the Motorcycle Industry, - I pay close attention to what is happening in our World today - and what I see is perhaps a bit different from many - Of course we see change - that is quite normal, but really for the “Died in the Wool ” Motorcycle enthusiast - does he really need or want all the latest Hi-tech gismos?  - I see that the Vintage segment in all categories in Europe is now Huge !! - Why ?? - I have some older bikes in my shop that have been parked after one ride around the yard!! - Why? - because the new bikes are simply much better.

You know it was Steve Day that told me about this Clutch thing - back many years ago, when I was involved with Kelowna Yamaha ( Having recently resigned from my position at Yamaha Canada) - Stan was in town to promote at the Kelowna Home show - and Steve took me one side and told me about this new technique!!  Wow! - Yes it took some practice ( I was getting on a bit even back then) but what a change that made to the way we all ride Trials these days.

( Now I preach Finger on the Clutch - finger on the front brake)


Yesterday I was out of the house early for a trip to Kelowna to pick up a skid of Opti Oil -  and noticed a bit of a cool breeze - not surprising as there was fresh snow on the ridge above our house. -It has been a while since I was at the Truck Terminal, and what a change they have had - it’s now double the size with what looks like double the staff and fork lifts zipping around everywhere. !!!  - Of course the floods last Fall and covid etc have all added to the delays and confusion. ( Although my parts order from the UK came in two days ahead of time via DHL.)

Yes we now have spare magnetic tethers, grips etc plus spark arrestors will be in next week - don’t delay if you are looking for any of this stuff . - We have a fresh order going into Wulf today for boots and helmets as stock on both is getting low.


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