Sunday April 24th 2022

Good luck to all the riders at the CPTA “Outlaw” Trial today - Sorry I can’t be there to take pics. - This is one I took of Sparky Bill ( Beta) at Ioco a couple of years ago.

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The Scottish is now just a week away from the start in Fort William, but a new rule that has been posted has certainly created a lot of comments in the media. !
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25:1 Challenge SSDT 2022

*Bike Preparation*
You might hear the old stalwarts of the SSDT saying “ah you got it easy today”?
This could be down to modern bikes, waterproof riding gear (bin liners were the preferred choice in the 80’s) or the 15 minutes each morning to work on your bike that had tubes tyres and the wheels were marked so you had to flash the tyre on the same wheel, all in 15 minutes, easy life today?
One of the major factors to bike preparation back then was the number boards where you had to have not only one on the front, but to the rear one either side. Now some left this detail until the Sunday where they would cobble something together and hand their bikes in with the black and yellow paint still wet in the hope it would dry overnight 🤷
In true military style we would not only fabricate the plates to match the bends and curves of any exhaust or frame, but we would make brackets to accommodate the mounting of the plate. This did not mean that they would survive the week or worse you would slice your jeans and leg open like a bacon slicer going for that long dab over the rear mudguard?
1987 was the last year of fabricating because in 1988 NCR was the main sponsor who produced a results system for the trial and the plastic front number boards were issued and is where we are today.
So number boards issued, waterproof clothing, tubeless tyres where you can also change wheels and 30 minutes to work on your bike?
You young uns have never had it so easy😂
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Birthday greetings today to the Wulfman himself - Mr Bill Brown. ( Obviously an old pic with all the hair!!)
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Answer to the quiz - rider is Takumi Narita and the place Australia. - a couple of correct answers - one from Japan!!

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