Monday April 25th 2022

The weather on Sunday was fantastic for a ride - I decided to take out the Evo 300 SS this time - first for this bike since last November, and what a treat it was. - With my bad right knee problem -( both actually) - it has been easy to decide on taking a TRS estart - and lets face it - the Xtrack is a real winner.

So it was only last minute that I elected to load the Beta and head over to Roy’s place.- - I do have the Evo SS set up nicely with Boyeson reeds and other “Goodies” - which makes it perform even better, and I was soon feeling comfortable on the bike. - so much so that I elected to head up a nadgery section in order to reach the Two Chairs lookout.- rocky turns & steep.  - Doug rode down this last week, but I went around. - Glad to say it felt awesome with a “clean” ride to the top. ( but no pics or videos!!) -  - Suffice to say that I still love riding the Beta .


This memory cropped up on FB - it was a day out with Sammy at Silver Creek when he first came over on Holiday !! A lot has happened since then.
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Meanwhile over in Spain - Team Jordi TRS had a field day. - Hey Boss - Did I win????
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Victory for TRRS & Adam Raga, with very good results💯
Adam Raga p1 Tr1
Oriol Noguera P2 Tr2
Marc Piquer P1 Junior
Aniol Llamas P3 cadet 125
Bernat Vendrell P2 cadets
Joan Ricart P2 Tr4
Jimena Leboreiro P3 Women’s Tr3
Nico Rodriguez P3 Youth B
Jesus Martin P3 Veteran B
Manuel Revilla P3 Tr5
We are still waiting to hear how the CPTA Outlaw Trial went at Ioco  -   with the nice weather  it should have been a perfect day. We will likely get these results tomorrow.

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