Thursday April 28th 2022

The answer to the Wednesday quiz was the pic shows the famous Scottish section “Town Hall Brae” with the rider coming back down after losing a “5″ but what is even stranger is the rider looks very much like Alexz Wigg ( although I could be mistaken) .

Both John Kitchener and Pete Varey first spotted both the name of the section, and the rider coming down the wrong way.

Check out this neat drone video on UTUBE.

And at a time when we always talk about the rain for the Scottish - see this>

The risk of wildfires across many parts of Scotland over the next few days has been declared as ‘extreme’.


Below is a pic of a British star Scrambling in Australia   - the year was 1955 - and he was not contracted to BSA.
No description available.

Matteo Grattarola  seems to have bounced back, with some good results on the Factory Beta - a nice shot from last weekend.

I wonder how many people knew that Gilera made Scramblers-  back in the day. ??
No description available.


I see that Ryan Young was on a TRS estart at his latest Trials school - !!!
No description available.


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