Saturday April 30th 2022

Later today we will see the results of the Scottish Pre-65 - but before that we look back on some pics out of my Book SSDT The first 100 years.

Below Geoff Duke
No description available.

Below  Eric Kitchener famous photographer when he was still riding.
No description available.

Mick Andrews
No description available.

Dougie Lampkin
No description available.

Jordi Tarres - This was in 1989 he was on the new Beta Water cooled prototype - but it seized on the first day when the radiator got plugged with mud. - ( I was there that year )
No description available.

No description available.

Thanks to all the photographers and Publishers for the use of these great photographs in the SSDT Book.

( Not sure if this is still in Print)


Answer to the Friday quiz - Gordon Jackson 1961- Grey Mare’s Ridge - One Dab- Observer David Johnson who now lives in Canada - he had a small Montesa Dealership for a while. ( We lost touch many yeas ago)
Harlow Rankin, and Brett Clark guessed everything correctly. - Bob Clark and John Kitchener also .

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