Sunday May 8th 2022

The 2022 Scottish Six Days is now in the history books - It will show that after a two year absence, the “Burn’s” were in a wicked and slippery mode, and while the weatherman was not too unkind - there were a few days when  most struggled.

Dougie Lampkin ( as stated yesterday) pulled off another incredible win, with Michael Brown the runner up, ahead of James Dabill. -

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It should be mentioned that all of these riders do not compete  on a regular basis anymore, although Dougie is perhaps the most active, minding for his youngster Alfie.

We have enjoyed watching the daily coverage,  and for the updates & pics supplied by John Kitchener. - As I have said before, any true motorcycle sports enthusiast should have two events on his or her “Bucket list” - The Scottish Six Days and the Isle of Man TT. ( We have been lucky enough in our lifetime to see both more than once)

For the record ! - Jon English (GG) earned a 1st class award by finishing in 129th place, losing 287 points

-            . Stan Bakgaard (Scorpa) earned a 2nd class award by finishing in 165th place losing 350 points.

Stan was likely one of the oldest riders at the event - hard to believe!! - He was also interviewed on Nevis radio by John Moffatt - but rather than take the opportunity to talk about his brilliant ride in 1984  - Stan being the class act  he is - talked about Outlaw and why he had the stickers on his rented Scorpa.
Here are the top ten. ->

.1st Dougie Lampkin - Vertigo - 8 points

2nd Michael Brown - Sherco - 14

3rd James Dabill - Beta - 15

4th Jack Peace -Sherco - 17

5th Richard  Sadler - Vertigo 23

6th Billy Green - Scorpa - 27

7th Dan Peace -Sherco - 29

8th Sam Haslam - ? - 30
9th  Ross Danby - TRS - 30

10th Tom Minta -? - 33.

Emma Bristow the best lady rider finished 39th with 108 points .

The last Official finisher - R Pollard lost 857 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to Dougie and all the riders who competed -

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Meanwhile back on our home patch - I was out riding twice this past week - once on the Beta  and once on my TRS ( stripped for Trials mode)  - I suppose it’s hard for some people to understand why an old guy like me - or Billy D - etc keep doing this, when many of our friends are either in nursing homes or gone!!

But then it’s all about the passion ! - that is why I enjoy not just getting out on either my Beta or TRS, but also helping other newbies get into the sport.  - Some might find it interesting that while I have difficulty walking sometimes - ( too many knee surgeries)  when I get on my Trials bike - I feel GREAT.

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We had a nice visit on Saturday with Emily Roberts of Motorcycle Mojo magazine - what a charming young lady she is and who has a LOT of ability on all types of bikes. - We chatted for - not long enough - but hope she manages to get to the Scotch  Creek Trial !!!


Also heard from Jason Munns,  - who has just bought a TRS - welcome to the club Jason - we look forward to seeing them at the Scotch Creek Outlaw - ( Young Leo is a dynamo)


Today is Mothers Day - so we are taking a drive up to the Shuswap, where our daughter has a trailer.


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