Wednesday May 11th 2022

On the weather map - today looks like the best for the week - so I’m heading to Summerland to meet up with Dave York, and show him around the old Outlaw loop. ( First time this year)
Quiz for today - Who is this top Moto GP rider at the top of a very high mountain on his TRS??

No description available.


With the May long weekend only a couple of weeks away - please don’t leave it until last minute to check your bike over for parts that might need replacing - At Outlaw, we try to keep as much stock on the shelf as possible, but we are living in strange times, with deliveries and freight costs at an all time high - we are still waiting for the Factory Beta to arrive and most other models are sold out ( but not all)


Today I will be taking my TRS with the estart - and saw this advt - the Jordi bike is still the only one with the electric start, which for me being old and having bad knees, is a life saver. - However a much younger rider from down the Valley is already praising¬† this feature on his new bike - so it’s not just the gals and old men who are sold on this.


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