Friday May 13th 2022

Trial this Sunday at the Coast - check out this >>

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! The 99 Trials Association is hosting the first Trials competition in over 2 years! We have two great loops planned for riders of all capabilities from Junior to Expert. The Competition will be at Crumpet woods, with registration starting at 9 and competition beginning at 10.
The forecast is looking wet, but hey there’s no better way of spending a day in the rain than in the woods with your friends riding silly bikes with no seats over obstacle courses!
If this is your first competition, don’t worry, these competition test more of your technical skills than your willingness to “send it”. The courses will be safe and you won’t be forced to ride anything you are not comfortable with. Comps are also a great way improve your skills and learn from other riders. If you aren’t sure, send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Or come and spectate, the loops will be flagged and easy to access.
Surprised to see fresh snow on the ridges across the Westside this morning, although they did forecast some up on the Coq.
This pic taken out of our Kitchen window.
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This a shot of an Expert section that I  laid out at Summerland - much more intimidating when you are close up - but basically it starts on the bottom left - up over the big rock ( a splat) then up the steep trail before making a right turn to climb up the huge slab at the top.
I had Sammy try this when he first came over on holiday, and had Matt spot for him, but he never did make it. - Later I showed it to Brandon Wince who was out with me on his new Outlaw Beta - I asked him if he wanted me to “spot” for him up on the really steep exit, but he said he thought he would be OK       ( You have to see this to appreciate just how difficult it is) - Brandon cleaned it first time, without even walking the section. - Absolutely brilliant.
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Here is a pic we took of Brandon at an Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek a few years ago. I don’t he rides much these days and has now moved back the Island.
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Here is a rare pic - an English guy by the name of Alan Kimber riding a Lambretta scooter in the ISDT in Wales many years ago. - Did you know that a team of Scooter riders competed in the Scottish Six Days one year ??
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