Saturday May 14th 2022

Jason was out for a ride on his new TRS - but didn’t expect this kind of weather - very rare for the month of May especially in the Penticton area.
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The weather in the Valley and everywhere else seems to be much cooler this Spring - which is OK as far as we are concerned, after the Forest Fires last year. - We are hoping for nice sunny skies for the long weekend and the Outlaw Trial - we have heard back from a lot of people with some “Regulars” confirmed.


I picked up the medals yesterday - first order for my Trophy gal for two years, so we had a good chat about the difficult time she has had because of the Covid, as most of her business is based on sports activities.


A reminder that although the awards next weekend, will only be given for the two day combined scores - some people may decide to just ride one day on a no award basis. - which is OK

Also remember - This year we have a Ladies class - - anybody that has seen video of Emma Bristow riding knows that the gals can also be very good.

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Also please remember that Insurance for these events on Private property is not cheap by any means.


Hats off to these two Fantic riders, who completed the Scottish, and raised a huge amount for Charity.
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As mentioned before, the first ever Scramble that I attended was in 1955 on my brand new James street bike ( with a cute young lady on the back) - As I looked up the fearsome hill at Hawkstone Park, I really never thought anybody would make it up that hill. - So as this seemed to be a good place to watch we climbed to the top and waited !! - After the roar of the start down below, there was a bit of a lull, then all of a sudden the guy you see below(Geoff Ward)  shot up over the big rocky slabs at the top of the hill on this immaculate AJS - it looked like it had just come out of the showroom !!  We were totally amazed. Wow!! - I was hooked on the sport right then - but unfortunately, my excitement was short lived that day, as when we returned to the very large parking lot - we found somebody had nicked my brand new bike!! - Not a great start to my motorcycle career, but it only took a few months to replace both the bike and the girlfriend!!
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With all the recent videos shown on the Social media from the Scottish Six Day Trial, this rule regarding what constitutes a “5″ may be useful for the newer breed of rider. >>

John Moffat

Just for the record, this is taken from the 2022 SSDT Supplementary Regulations: 5.2 A stop, or failure, is considered to have occurred if
(a) The machine ceases to move in a forward direction relative to the course. Balance, rolling
backwards or moving sideways, whether the competitor’s feet are still on the footrests or not,
will be considered a stop.
(b) The competitor dismounts from the machine.
(c)The machine passes the wrong side of, runs over or displaces a section marker, with either wheel,
before the front spindle passes the ‘Section Ends’ cards.
(d) The machine or competitor receives outside assistance.
(e anyone who has been deemed to be altering any part of the section for their or anyone else’s benefit.

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